The application of collateral project in mould development

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Development can divide the constituent structure pattern that 1 mould develops collateral project to be signed for the contract roughly, the mould is designed (include technology design and numerical control process designing) , material is supplied, mould treatment, try a model to build the course such as model and cost accounting. These processes are not independent, existing between them complex interdependent concern with what restrict each other, the inchoate phase that the requirement is designing is mature follow-up segment each influence of relevant element. If take no account of these to restrain a relation, can cause many design do poorly done work over again, waste resource of manpower material resources not only, and make mould production cycle is lengthened, cost house does not fall high, quality is controlled hard, make the enterprise loses credit and competition ability thereby. Accordingly, must establish include treatment of process designing of design of mould sale, mould, technology design, numerical control, mould, mould to assemble, the mould that tries a model to repair the technical staff such as model and quality inspection and user representing to wait for a respect inside develops collateral project working party (Teamwork) , work in coordination, concentrate resource of each respect knowledge as far as possible thereby, get optimal design program, reduce design do poorly done work over again, improve design quality. Graph the 1 constituent structure that develops collateral project for the mould. 2 moulds develop collateral project carry out from the organization the structure sees, the mould develops what the executive difficulty of collateral project depends on working party to work in coordination. In carry on when the mould develops the mission, mode of collateral project development emphasizes working party the duty that each member answers to always understand his and task, work in coordination, develop the task to be in charge of to specific mould jointly. But mould industry and other industry are compared and character, standardization, standardization is more defective. Mould industry from the design, make those who debug from personnel of course of study, have the job according to his experience mostly, this means those who make much work to begin have very big optional sex. Because lack relevant standardization technology document, develop the difficulty that works in coordination bigger, carry out very hard even sometimes go down. Of course the elapse as time, working party member is met gradually very good shirt-sleeve cooperation. But standard of application of new and high to the industry technology undertakes arranging, standardization also is the job that Wu Dai has undoubtedly.

Do 3 moulds develop frame of collateral project system to carry out a mould to develop collateral project to need to there is corresponding supportive environment: ? Be apt to of  of low settleclear  teachs Dong of Fei of Lang of round  fat  Dong of Fei of Song of  of ǎ  banter holding sb in respectful awe graph of low clear of Dong of Fei of calf of  of low field ⒅ holding sb in respectful awe attacks small car of Man of Qian   is troubled by С the tool such as AX of Man of  of obstruct approach  and all sorts of relevant, introduce the model of compositive product information that is based on a feature, implementation mould develops each relevant link interior and the information between to share, build collateral project to support an environment, achieve finally shorten mould development cycle, reduce the mould cost, goal that improves mould quality. Graph the 2 basic framework that develop collateral project system for the mould. Graph 2 moulds develop framework of collateral project system the issue that the 4 beards when implementing collateral project consider is in mould development when implementing collateral project, besides having method of general and collateral project and crucial technology characteristic, still have a few more the following the problem must add a consideration. (1) intelligence changes a technology. Mould design and the field that production knowledge involves are very extensive, and medium or the brains that a lot of knowledge are the engineer of formal consist in with experience normally is professional in manual. The problem is the development as computer intelligence technology, if undertake summing up to useful experience, the intellectual natural resources that rises to be fastened to can be known by computer place, can borrow this to have inferential criterion sense bigger. Must consider when building a knowledge base how can very good settlement of knowledge get, the problem such as expression and inference. (2) mould computer assists quote. The characteristic that the mould produces is odd a production, repeat rarely, this brought huge difficulty to mould quote. Current, mould quote is experience comes to the basis mostly estimated, because lack price detailed catalogue and the historical data that can supply reference and data, this kind of quote is not accurate with what lack a basis. Introduce a mould with production method as a few new designs especially among development, experience of traditional mould quote estimation, going up somehow appear more flimsy, often bring about negotiation beginning namely defect person is passive. Accordingly, to can compare accurate ground withered calculate mould cost, need develops corresponding computer to assist quote tool. (3) mould CAX and DFX tool. Design in the mould even the inchoate phase of products plan, if can use CAN and DFX tool, all sorts of ties of mature follow-up segment, if the mould writtens guarantee compose designs tie, craft tie, resource tie to wait a moment, the production sex that passes pair of moulds, assemble gender, testability to wait have analysis and opinion, success that can raise a mould to develop is led, improve mould design and production quality effectively. Be worth what carry is, face the CAE tool software that different type mould develops, it is to analyse an opinion at present program of a design is sound one of the quickest and effective tools. Use it to be able to reduce the use of physical imitating test and the step of evaluation test and verify that try money of the force of time-consuming, bad news such as the model, bad news greatly, shorten already development time, raised success of development to lead again. (4) is compositive change product model feature to describe a technique. The model that is based on a feature states the method compares popularity at present. The model that the means abstraction that this kind of good point that represents a means depends on according with people to know a thing quite comes out uses object-oriented technology more easily to try to come true. Model feature has richer content, the attribute that can regard an object as corresponding feature when implementation or method try to describe. Present problem is, at present popular CAN tool software is onefold mostly those who solve certain respect problem, its information model often is to include a few a few features only and the object that fails to study to place makes comprehensive characterization. Compositive change a technology to try to one is in since the form of a Chinese character of of all kinds and different tool software namely a bridge. 5 last words are in the spring tide of market economy, the competition between the enterprise basically is Wu of kimono of date of delivery, quality, cost, namely so called TQCS(Time, quality, the ask competition of Costand Service) . Collateral project idea changed traditional manufacturing management pattern, through elaborate organization, can shorten effectively date of delivery, reduce manufacturing cost, improve product quality. Accordingly, once put forward to become the main content that numerous enterprise innovates namely, already also became a lot of enterprises to win competitive a magic weapon. In believing to be in what the mould will develop henceforth to carry out, it can mature ceaselessly and perfect. CNC Milling