The assembly that guide pulley of silk thread cut walks along in and disassemble

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The assembly that guide pulley of silk thread cut walks along in long wind of the boat in Suzhou and disassemble the guide pulley that wants place to assemble above all, copper is covered, screw cap of nut, inside and outside is put inside kerosene to clean. The impurity such as bits of copper of purify of in order to, dirt. 2.

Allow to take one copper to cover, the level is put on mesa of drilling machine job. 3.

Allow to take one guide pulley, perpendicular put into copper to cover inside. 4.

Take another copper to cover, cover into guide pulley upper part. 5.

Peaceful an axis put into copper to cover. Will control a bar (one takes internal diameter the tool of 5 millimeter aperture) poriferous is down directly, place in drilling machine collet, move handle, collet drops, the level that control a bar pins bearing, bearing is pressed to enter copper to cover, cover close guide pulley at the same time. So far, bearing has been installed, the installation of another end and unilateral double bearing repeats this process can. Explain: Because control a bar,5 millimeter aperture carries a level, the as it happens when be being pressed below is perpendicular and the inner ring that pins bearing at the same time and outer lane, the effect won't be caused to bearing in because this is falling,controlling a process. 6.

Most guide pulley has 3, 4 or 5 millimeter whorl, twist on nut. Carry clearance on the head namely next. 7.

Carrying clearance on the head is to make guide pulley two cincture face parts to be broken away from with what two copper cover interface, serious attrition is covered in order to avoid with copper in the process that guide pulley rotates in high speed, attrition can lower the service life that guide pulley and copper cover, and bearing rotates obstruction increases, each component wears away faster. Reason this clearance is a necessary important process. Twist tool B into copper to cover above all, twist 2/3 can, twist the A that takes thimble again into B, thimble can carry the central aperture to guide pulley axis on the head. Pigheaded A arrives pigheaded do not move till, right now face of guide pulley annulus and copper cover occurrence space, so far unilateral top clearance is finished, across repeats afore-mentioned processes can. Top clearance is optimal hold a way: Left hand grasps guide pulley component, the right hand twists a tool. When left hand grasps package, should grasp in (enclasp) with tool connective copper is covered on, other end copper covers rise high into the air. Attention: Because be metallic ability,pledge, copper covers buccal whorl sharper, must enclasp, cannot let its rotate in the hand, lest cut hand! 8.

Add lubricating oil finally, go up screw cap. Of lube more or less should inspect going up inside after screw cap, grease spills over from the gap that guide pulley and copper cover for optimal, this explains to there is grease to pass inside bearing. So far, guide pulley already was assembled end. 9.

Should disassemble guide pulley, should tear open the 6th nut only below, doing by the 7th measure, exit bearing till guide pulley can. Suggest additionally, to wanting to improve the service life of bearing, ensure when using admirable bearing namely use high grade and lubricant oil, assure to copper is covered and is sufficient amount inside bearing, be not worth when the amount or when grease is dirtier, be about to be added in time or change. Be sure to keep in mind! CNC Milling