The innovation technology with bit qualitative material drove those who process trade to progress continuously

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Go 70 years, manufacturing industry experienced the technical revolution of an unprecedented, the treatment amount of metallic spare parts rose thousands of times, and handling time shortens greatly. Lead through raising metallic purify, prolong cutting tool life, decrease stop plane number, improvement cutting tool is torn open of outfit convenient gender, improve moving performance, make finished cost is reduced considerably thereby. Metallic cutting is the main component that industry produces, manufacture efficiency through rising, the technical innovation of this domain is having very positive effect to the development of whole economy. It can promote social prosperity, improve life quality. Cutting tool material is qualitative, especially hard alloy, it is one of the mainest factors in metallic cutting. Because the metal adds man-hour,this is, the function of cutting blade in promotion respect of efficiency of production of whole manufacturing industry is producing very tremendous effect. Regard an industry as the pioneer, shanteweikekeleman begins from the fifties, quicken pace of material qualitative research and development ceaselessly, roll out many innovation technology in succession. Contemporary cutting cutting tool comes out at the beginning of 19 centuries, company of all metal treatment must abstain cutting tool or buy the cutting tool that be not mark. Do not have the standard program of any cutting tool and solution. Cutting tool material basically is high-speed steel, solder hard alloy cutting tool begins to use gradually. After, machine tool, equipment, numerical control and cutting tool obtained the development of advance rapidly, manufacturing efficiency and treatment quality standard rise significantly. Shanteweikekeleman begins to roll out from the fifties but since dislocation cutting tool, treatment crop already twice breaks up time. We begin from the train of thought of off-the-peg standardization cutting tool, lead high-tech cutting tool and treatment method new trend all the way. When workmanship of research and development, need the innovation of cutting tool material likewise, need material technology knowledge. Through making full use of cutting tool material, we achieved material simple goal in the set in the making process of bit. Quality and innovation are well-known, shanteweike began trade of sortie metal cutting 1942. Shanteweikekeleman holds water on the management concept foundation that regards high grade cutting tool as material in development hard alloy. Material of cutting tool of this kind of synthesis has been people place hep a few years, but can make full use of its characteristic application is very finite still, basically use at rock bore. However, what hard alloy obtains later is successful, all is attributed to the innovation technology of in quick succession. Enter 1943, new development went Shanteweikekeleman material of cutting tool of 6 kinds of alloy is qualitative, and after 10 years, it went out to amount to 12 kinds of applicable with respect to research and development at a variety of domains can optimize resemble soldering of cutting tool and so on metallic cutting material is qualitative. How the quality the hard metal that accuses to be used at cutting cutting tool is Shanteweikekeleman most the technical difficult problem that begins to be faced with, this also is the feedback that as constant as the client communication gets. 1954, shanteweikekeleman built a special hard alloy plant, introduced facilities of many research and development, to realize strict quality control, strode the most crucial one step. Quality controls the important foundation stone that is regarded as full cutting tool of whole world coke all the time. 1957, shanteweikekeleman rolled out the first batch but cutting tool of dislocation razor blade -- series of T-Max turning cutting tool. Although begin but the market of dislocation razor blade is very small, but begin to use a short while of this kind of knife when tycoons of industry of a few manufacturing industry, the application of bit tool system greeted the dawn of the hope, develop at full speed in in the future use. Job shops has used efficiency the processing technique with tall, big crop, need what grind again to solder no longer cutting tool. Inchoate (1956) the bit material that the innovation with blame coating qualitative material is a kind of Coromant S1 Premium that be called is qualitative -- the first raises those who manufacture efficiency " roll booster " . S1P raises cutting parameter considerably and prolong service life, in lathe industry come first on the list, preeminent unsurpassed, shortened considerably the handling time of finish machining and light rough machining. In the meantime, use turning of qualitative cutting tool of high grade material of all kinds steel even when alloy cast iron, need not any cooling fluid. This kind of material suits particularly character but dislocation razor blade, make industry personnel opens horizon greatly really, expect innovate through cutting tool material, improvement machines an environment. 60 time, return research and development the razor blade that suits other applying and material are qualitative, for example milling, get cut and whorl cutting. 1963, coke has had 18 to plant completely (blame coating) bit material appears on the market character, cover the many fields that process trade. The leap with coating concept qualitative implementation but concept of dislocation razor blade was 1970 the following major innovation. This kind of concept need not consider hard alloy completely but the character such as weldability and grindability, opened the new thinking of hard alloy of research and development. Study the result makes clear, in a very thin coating, to raising cutting speed is mixed lengthen cutting tool service life to have distinct effect. Use method of chemical vapour deposit (CVD) , the hard carbonization titanium with an a few thick micron can be formed on bit base material. Razor blade of alloy of the first coating is born from this: GC125 initiates sexual innovation technology this kind, make improvement machined function to stride one stride ahead. Use material of coating razor blade to pledge, through accelerating cutting speed is mixed prolong cutting tool service life, shortened greatly handling time. At the beginning of seventies, developed material of two kinds of coating to pledge again (GC135 and GC315) , use at differring to use a field respectively with GC125. Capable person of first these 3 kinds of coating is qualitative, it is the matrix with use level qualitative ability, be considered as the confine place with these 3 kinds of quality material later. Later, research and development matrix of special razor blade, use at besmear Fu special coating, improved the performance of coating razor blade thereby. The first kind of material is the GC1025 that rolled out 1973 character, this kind of material uses coating character special matrix, it is the delegate with qualitative material of the 2nd acting coating. Manufactory of other cutting tool is to support distrust attitude to the first reaction of these innovation technologies, but must accept reality very quickly again -- because function gets clear improvement really, these innovation made new surveyor's pole for the industry. Innovation emerges in endlessly seventies is 10 years of extremely rough every, the new technology of technology of cutting cutting tool, new method is many emerge in large numbers, processability can rise increasingly. 1969, the cutting time that general Composite takes knife turning part is 5.

5 minutes. After 10 years, the part with equal treatment needs only 1.

5 minutes. Why raising manufacturing efficiency respect to you can obtain so striking progress? Because last,basically be material of coating of research and development obtained striking progress character. In the meantime, solution of a variety of innovation that research and development gives Shanteweikekeleman seventies cutting tool also produced the effect that hold the balance. For example: Shanteweikekeleman is rolled out the earliest but dislocation razor blade cuts off cutting tool, material of razor blade of initiate double coating pledges and decrease brace up boring lever, take the lead in be being designed before horny turning razor blade breaks bits chamfer with waviness opening type, be but the originator of broach of dislocation razor blade is waited a moment. Seventies metaphase, when using the bit that contains alumina coating first, coating material strides major step ahead character -- the coating that contains alumina is the stuff of pottery and porcelain with a kind of chemical very expensive stability, high temperature wearability tall, coefficient of thermal conductivity is small, can prevent bit matrix be affected by the heat. Accordingly, research and development rolled out Shanteweikekeleman to be used at the GC015 of turning domain, the main characteristic of this product is wear-resisting -- use at finish machining of high speed turning normally. This kind of material uses the patent technology with full coke first character -- double coating solution, among them lining uses carbonization titanium coating. One of confine of this phase are can besmear only Fu a very thin alumina coating. Before this, workmanship of material of cutting tool of research and development is the main task that full science and technology of coke of gram of hill spy dimension innovates all the time. 1980, law of deposit of catalytic chemistry vapour has thrown application, ecbolic material of another acting new coat is qualitative: GC415, with finish machining. In the meantime, the GC425 material with the is used at rough machining working procedure material qualitative GC435 with durable fact of finish of research and development and very wide application is qualitative -- right now, had completed the research and development of whole material simple set, enclothed steel all application limits of turning, try to optimize. 80 time, grind again give out a kind of craft, those who make be united in wedlock between the alumina of carbonization titanium and different ply is more firm, use this kind of technology, production gave performance taller multilayer coating razor blade. Razor blade of Nextpage new generation and new technology 90 time, research and development gave more than 20 kinds of new material to pledge, it is coating material pledges for the most part among them, and great majority is used at turning, workpiece material differs character, working procedure asks to also differ. We still developed material of turning of new generation coating to pledge (GC4000 series) , can use the grain structure of thicker carbonization aluminous coating among them, intensity is improved greatly, especially GC4015 material is qualitative, achieved the goal of taller cutting speed. Craft of ongoing hair coating while, another our train of thought is to produce different capable person to pledge at the same time. Because of the brittleness with inherent material of pottery and porcelain, CVD coating cannot be used at containing the cutting tool of sharp cutting blade. Deposit of physical gas phase (PVD) the capable person that craft coating employs new research and development is qualitative ((GC1025 and GC1125) , solved this problem satisfactorily. The cutting blade toughness that uses PVD coating is particularly tall, although these coating cannot reach the wear-resisting level of thick CVD coating, but it is a lot of better that its wearability still compares blame coating cutting tool. Thenceforth rises, the application that CVD of research and development and PVD craft mean material of two kinds of coating to pledge more and more close, thereby the program advantage with bit qualitative material is complementary. As the elapse of time, the change of material of rate of circumstance of manufacturing industry application, operating mode, working procedure, treatment, workpiece and spare parts quality is right these new material are having research and development character very far-reaching influence. We did work of many research and development in side of cutting tool data, already obtained revolutionary innovation positive result. Diamond coating razor blade is among them one of, this kind of material decides bits chamfer form reasonably through using character, can replace diamond to set pointed bit, use at material of turning aluminium alloy. In addition useful still the cermet razor blade at finish machining, with Yu Chao the cubic nitrogen of hard part finish machining changes boracic bit, with the razor blade of pottery and porcelain that machines at heat-resisting alloy. And a series of important knife sheet are qualitative, cut with Yu Xi, auger cut, cut off and of grooving, screw cutting but dislocation razor blade and cutting tool of integral hard alloy. Craft develops 90 time metaphase, in lukewarm (MT) CVD coating craft comes out, this kind of craft improved the carbolic nitrogen that needs besmear Fu to change orientaton of crystal of titanium lining coating. We still rolled out fine grain coating, this kind of coating produces crucial effect to bit function. These technologies can make multilayer qualitative strength of material of coating razor blade is greater, as adherent as bit matrix strength is better, service life is longer, safer, cutting rate is rapidder. The another large dominant position of craft of new MT-CVD coating is matrix does not drop carbon, when designing bit matrix, choice range is wider. Matrix of new razor blade is out of shape to cutting blade and hot tearing is not sensitive -- these two kinds of phenomena are had ruinous, accordingly need avoids. The first kind of capable person that employs production of this kind of technology is the coating timber that cuts with Yu Xi character qualitative: GC3020, it is the material qualitative LC25 that is used at turning next. But, this also is material of GC4000 series turning the secret of qualitative successful backside. Gradient agglomeration technology becomes hill spy dimension to overcome the main source of coke full research and development. This is the part that forms functional gradient material, for example layer of rich cobaltic surface, the balance that can satisfy matrix property asks. The compositive part that surface of matrix of coating razor blade takes is implementation the serious consideration element with qualitative material of different coating razor blade. These advanced techniques basically use at improving cutting blade fight plasticity to be out of shape ability. Gamma photograph basically distributings to go up in cutting blade, improved rigid thereby. Beyond cutting blade, rich bond is added in carbide, can restrain craze tendency, rose to fight sex of the concussion that cut bits. CVD coating is opposite thicker, can use at the same time with a variety of material, achieve different result. For example: Carbolic nitrogen changes titanium hardness big, wearability is good, add the outstanding performance of alumina, nitrogen changes titanium to form coating of golden yellow face, increase wearability, convenient examination wear out condition. The main purpose that uses thinner, hard PVD coating is to pass successive or layer shape coating, increase wearability, increase coating number of plies, bead diameter can amount to accept rice class. PVD coating series (for example the nitrogen with better integral performance changes titanium) changed titanium to undertake improvement to carbolic nitrogen, have taller wearability; Join titanium - aluminous nitride, hardness and fight oxidisability to increase greatly; Use oxidation PVD, improvement is chemical laziness and fight crescent moon depression abrasiveness. Accordingly, CVD and series of PVD coating razor blade make the applied series with complementary advantage, among them great majority property can be used at undertaking be optimizinged in the round to machining working procedure -- of cutting blade sharp spending is a main factor. Bit material pledges the another serious train of thought of research and development is the research and development of aftertreatment craft, the spurt that basically includes coating cutting blade is arenaceous brush with besmear. These craft blend in workmanship of as complementary as coating effect different razor blade in, have remarkable and positive effect to bit surface. For example: Use spray arenaceous as the aftertreatment, coating is formed resist pressure, bit toughness gets ameliorative. New century -- new innovation only then the research and development with the hard alloy qualitative material at the beginning of this century shows coating razor blade still has tremendous latent capacity, we still will continue extensive research and development. We are passed maintain close tie with job shops, realize this kind of tremendous potential from inside its treatment demand. The toughness that adopts qualitative to material requirement and wearability and fight be out of shape ability, coating adheres to force, ply and dependability of cutting blade grain have more careful research, strengthened optimize what apply and recommend applied range is accurate affirmatory. 21 centuries, research and development gave new generation bit, continue to increase the pace of research and development of GC4000 series product. 2005, of GC4225 come out the mark is worn steel the material that turning uses a field among this kind of dominant pledges improvement jumps new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Be reduced apparently or eliminate tatty research and development completely to obtain significant progress. This kind of new material wears away character mechanism is disparate, accordingly, the service life of cutting tool is longer, more on the safe side. This plants research and development the main goal with new simple material is to be in the process wears away when using higher cutting rate slow, can forecast, natural hind knife face wears away, and these targets come true basically already. The material of new research and development pledges such consummation gets applied extensively, so that replaced ISO P15 and P35 knife sheet,pledge. Already ground those who give out is brand-new coating and aftertreatment coating craft, can improve performance, increase manufacturing security. Continue to disentomb the tremendous potential of coating hard alloy pledges to realize bit material next targets of the technology, shanteweikekeleman is in the coating technology with exert oneself new research and development, bisque technology, but technology of processing of blade of technology of suppress of dislocation razor blade, cutting, aftertreatment technology and detect new technology. Next generation cutting cutting tool will be used but dislocation razor blade and material of hard alloy cutting tool. The purpose still prolongs cutting tool service life, make life can be forecasted more, seek the chance that increases yield at the same time. These cutting tool material still are full automatic change nobody to machine working procedure and finite technology to supervise offer a solution, the most primary purpose is the sheet that reduces treatment of user metal cutting cost. Since coating hard alloy appeared on the market 1970 oneself, although fundamental is same still, but coating razor blade is improved ceaselessly, in former days science fiction story becomes reality finally. Involved basic research and craft and method of means of research and development experienced process of a paragraph of long development, because we mastered the full knowledge of qualitative research and development of real bit material. Current but dislocation razor blade is multilayer the cutting rate that coating and material of appropriative blame coating compare razor blade of advanced only coat GC character wants a lot of faster, the material previously cannot place on a par at all character. Additional, the versatility that improves data of this kind of cutting tool still also has tremendous latent capacity. CNC Milling