Long-range laser solders

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Odd side, the laser that is not contact solders to be united in wedlock with lens of high speed scanning, reduced weld time while improved productivity. Long-range laser solders to having becominging a kind to replace a kind of method of spot welding of the resistor in application of traditional car white automobile body. According to trade investigation, the equipment that already installed exceeds 60, main concentration is in Europe and North America area. Long-range laser beam welding received a technology to develop odd side, blame contact laser beam welding accepts brought technology and economic dominant position, the advantage appearance that brings its and lens of high speed scanning is united in wedlock, shortened greatly weld time, in whole solder increased to always manufacture efficiency in flow. The dominant position that long-range laser beam welding accepts is most remarkable, if mix traditional laser / the cycle of a few jobs that the robot solders compares: The seam welding of 20mm can be in 0.


Finish inside 4 seconds, repeat fixed position time the biggest 3 seconds, and say to long-range solder fetch weld time is same, repeat fixed position time to be only 0.

2 seconds. The crucial dominant position that solders remotely depended on reducing fixed position time, because equiped,this is device of scanning of high-speed beam of light (see a picture 1) . Graph 1.

The crucial dominant position that solders remotely is to passed scanning of high speed beam of light to reduce early of company of Comau Pico of fixed position time to drive long-range laser beam welding to receive technical development to be made hard with respect to Ceng Wei, they ever were passed and the car manufacturer of idea of a few look up before having cooperates, in the open up on production of white automobile body new field. In the company inchoate there is among acquisition success is cooperate with Rofin Sinar company, those who use to be based on CO2 laser is long-range solder equipment, use scanning lens to reflex beam of light with high speed, solder automobile body many solder the position. On a typical component of Fiat Marea car, long-range CO2 laser beam welding is received be used to replace resistor spot welding, it basically is used eliminate in the cost that the car uses adhesive to bring on hind end door. In this one application, time of total laser seam welding is 5 seconds. Be opposite of this model doorcase solder on, 43 laser welding line needs 30 seconds to be able to be finished only, replaced traditional resistor spot welding. In these two kinds of application, repeat fixed position time reduce be as high as 94 % . Comau company is in after with Rofin collaboration gains the experience that these use above, begin to realise this system can offer the following advantage: Tall productivity (be as high as 120 solder to nod / cent) , gao Rou sex, reductive covers an area of an area (one of main cost factors of most car plant) , and solder the ability of all sorts of different species spare partses. But, what if take no account of,use is long-range solder system, from the point of the spare parts, they must be installed to be placed in every welder closely. This makes the design is become with the clamping apparatus that make indispensible, very complex even in a few application. On the other hand, its advantage depends on, more economy, take up fewer space, photograph comparing should use the 6 spot welding to 8 clamping apparatus for, the clamping apparatus that solders remotely needs only. What Comau also realises a tradition is long-range solder the scanning box on the system exists a few limitation, connect of because it cannot be mobile long-range solder. Because this Comau development filed a patent, this is a kind of fast beam of light transfers a system, after going up to traditional dragon door system in installation, the campaign that can provide four-axle (see a picture 2) . The new unit that uses this means can bring higher yield, high speed replaced mobile part in the ability of mobile beam of light on the spare parts, and reduced the complexity of relevant tool and cost. This one concept allows an user to be finished in any places inside limits of dragon door frame solder. Graph 2.

Traditional scanning box is delivered by patent fast beam of light the system is replaced and Agilaser company cooperates, more than 12 even more long-range laser beam welding receive equipment to be located in each Italian factories to run in Fiat now, in Mirafiori they are Idea and Musa two models solder component; In Melfi they solder all the time the component of Punto, in Cassino they solder the component of new Stilo. The system is installed to be in Renault company to be located in the factory of Slovenian Novo Mesto likewise, use at soldering the component of Clio and Twingo, and French Saundoville factory, solder the component of Megane; Solder in Italian Pomigilano the component of Stola, Ducato and Alfa159. Be in Mirafiori factory, equipment of an Agilaser laser replaced line of spot welding of resistor of a robot, it uses double clamping apparatus to solder remotely the system is used at door assembly line, manufacturing investment reduced 15 % , and productivity promoted 20 % , reduced at the same time cover an area of an area -- solder with traditional 4 robots systematic photograph is compared reduced 50 % . The result is the sheet after using laser to solder remotely cost reduced 30 % . Renault uses an Agilaser to solder the front door component of C85 (see a picture 3) , replaced the needs 12 robots resistance welding system that uses formerly, primary system needs to cover an area of 1050m2, and the Agilaser that uses 5 robots to machine a station covers an area of 808 M2 only. Two Agilasers produce a part with the cycle of 66 seconds, solder 93 on the right side of reach left laser welding line, and need resistor spot welding before 130 on the right side of nod with left solder. Be in Renault company, an Agilaser solders in the front door of C65 model 38 laser welding line, use two identical clamping apparatus only. Graph 3.

Renault uses an Agilaser to solder the front door component of C85 although in light of the normal working hours that these CO2 laser systems record from place, stability exceeds 98 % , but the process instrumentation that they still were not considered as the mainstream, because they are congenital,this is the problem on structure of CNC machine tool is brought about. Because almost all car assemblies and automobile body solder is a section of pass a barrier model machine hand finishs, and if use laser, optional beam of light delivers means to be passed namely fiber-optic. As will solder remotely the effort that leads next level place to make and Europe " solder remotely " the one part of the project, comau company developed 3D scanning head, exhibit in Munich laser for the first time before two years on appear. This one system deployed Rofin Sinar 4.

Diode of 0 kilowatt semiconductor pump riverside Nd:YAG laser, beam of light is delivered what bind the 400 micron diameter on traditional machine hand through is fiber-optic. Comau Pico realizes the limitation that this kind of mode brings very quickly, using quality of taller beam of light especially (taller brightness) when laser is like disc laser and fiber-optic laser. On head of scanning of major long-range laser, f-theta lens uses the focus beam of light to maintain be in what secure a distance with lens locally, and no matter of beam of light directional. This one high facilities has very big diameter, its work limits is more than its diameter a bit, because F-theta makes beam of light opposite,lens keeps perpendicular, its cost is the change of quality of sacrificial beam of light and facula size. And this means scanning head to must last likewise relocation and / or place, the system of robot of type of joint of 6 axes standard that uses trends. The SmartLaser of Comau Pico (see a picture 4) substantial a lens is compositive in entering hollow manipulator. This one optical collimation / enlarge module (similar binoculars) replaced the F-theta module that is used on equipment of traditional laser scanning (see a picture 5) . Graph 4.

SmartLaser is graph of system of high speed 3D 5.

This optics collimation / the position that magnifies module replaced F-theta module to go up in equipment of traditional laser scanning is in the idea of SmartLaser backside is to create system of 3D of a kind of high speed, its acceleration wants than the robot tall 60 to 70 times, the dynamic acceleration of 8g is had inside weld zone region. This system has but process designing focal length is more than 750mm, arrive in 750mm actually between 1200mm, the job of great and can patulous system is apart from. This still means all optical axes, the X of microscope limb, y and Z axis and scanning head can be finished complete works is soldering in the system, have capacity of overall process designing leaving a line. The scanning head of this innovation (see a picture 6) assemble the upright ministry in machine hand antebrachium, include two lens, the first moves in range of 30 degrees of role, another moves in range of 240 degrees of role. This are compositive allow fast repetition to locate, the bulk that can get 2 to the addition of 3 times facula on depth of field is out of shape can ignor almost. Graph 6.

Antebrachium carries the scanning head of the ministry to include two lens, the first moves in range of 30 degrees of role, another moves in range of 240 degrees of role unlike is other scanning head solders remotely system, this system all axes, athletic component and lens, all accuse by the axis of a standard implement operate through inspecting school face plate. This makes process designing very simple can control all soldering parameter, direction of beam of light and the laser when locating afresh change. The robot is had the biggest the tool center rate that change 1.

5 M/s, acceleration 1.

2 M/s2. Lens axis has 4 M/s of the oldest rate, acceleration 80 M/s2. The Z that SmartLaser system 100mm is apart from is 70 Ms only to fixed position time, and the traditional robot that uses head of 2 dimension scanning needs 580 Ms. This means us to be able to solder in finish inside cycle be as high as 200 to arrive of 300 welding line solder. Fiber-optic go up in manipulator with smooth Ou join and not be scanning head go up, reduced mechanical stress and fatigue intensity thereby, reduced the likelihood of fiber-optic attaint. This and other features reduced safeguarded demand together. Comau is testing system of the first SmartLaser in Europe at present, and will have undertake in the United States the user checks. The company hopes to see the brushstroke order that comes from automobile industry is obtained in below one the beginning of the year, end in the installation end 2007 devoted production. What can think of is time-sharing multitask / robot installation can be used at ordinal treatment many components, consequently laser is soldering all the time condition, a labour solder while new assembly also is in other industry finish on makings. The concept that long-range laser beam welding accepts conclusion still is among development, the system is reformed with satisfying the user produces medium demand ceaselessly. The supplier is reducing high initiative installation cost and the effect that clamping apparatus complexity brings hard. The development of laser technology, for instance shorter wavelengh is mixed fiber-optic reach lens to guide smooth means is among research, still have the method that does not use protective gas in addition. Use tradition laser undertakes multitask treatment with the biggest change laser to use time, the production that is used at higher yield had become reality. CNC Milling