Waerte rolls out Xtra · Tec brand-new and cast-iron milling cutter

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Age closely by right of Xtra · Tec F4049 square shoulder milling cutter, waertedi offerred plan of a kind of new cast-iron treatment cutting tool, chamfer of cutter hub, razor blade pledge with bit material perfect match. Face milling cutter / diameter of square shoulder milling cutter 50 – 160mm, cut deep 6.

5mm, can machine a 90 ° step accurately. Cutting blade is one-time calibration, can have rough machining and precision work at the same time and need not change cutting tool, saved machine handling time. F4049 deploys the 8 blade square that develops for this milling cutter only but dislocation razor blade, use bit of tiger of Tiger · Tec() with razor blade of Yin Hu of Tiger · Tec Silver() cutting material is qualitative, the life of 8 edge is longer, not only can efficient divide bits, still can reduce cutting tool cost significantly. The system of locking of distinctive razor blade that takes clamp wedge can provide taller stability. Use awl head bolt and expand the razor blade that wedge adjusts finish machining, ensure axial is jumpy and accurate. But the tone whole orgnaization of fine tuning is had cooperate precision goodly, make bit position particularly stable. Unique design makes this milling cutter can acquire very high workpiece surface quality in finish machining. Milling cutter of Xtra · Tec F4049 has 2 rough machining chamfer model with 2 finish machining chamfer model optional, apply to automobile industry and general and mechanical industry completely. CNC Milling