Agree accept brings revolutionary new fund in CIMT2013 but dislocation mill razor blade

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Kennajin belongs to a company to pass innovation custom-built the wear-resisting solution that reachs a level offers productivity to the client of optimum behavior is sought in harsh environment, make uncommon contribution for its value catenary. The client pervades each are big industry, extract to the colliery from airframe, arrive from engine wildcat, and arrive from turbine supercharger building domain. 2012, kennajin belongs to a company to carry 60 many states 13, 000 first-class staff offerred the product kimono Wu of about 3 billion dollar for the client, among them the income of nearly 50 % originates innovation product. This second CIMT, agree offer will emerge range of products of innovation of one a complete set of for everybody, the KM4X of join of newest main shaft that includes to apply to alloy of titanium etc high temperature to machine among them, revolutionary new fund but Rodeka of dislocation mill razor blade&Rodeka 8, apply to titanium and the KSRM of new-style milling cutter that stainless steel material machines, broach of new-style KSEM PLUS B1, the Mill 1-7 that new fund machines with milling of Yu Xiaozhi diameter is high-powered square shoulder milling cutter, innovation RMB-E and RHM-E radial are adjustable type reamer, and the aperture that suits to process all sorts of data processes series product. CNC Milling