WIDIA rolls out new fund high-powered WIDIA

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WIDIA of famous cutting tool brand rolled out new fund recently high-powered WIDIA-GTD tap, in make sure quality of whorl high accuracy asks while, still can improve whorl productivity significantly. New pulverous metallurgy tap combined material very well qualitative, chamfer and the treatment element such as coating, realized the accurate tap on steel and stainless steel material. The standard of standard of cobaltic content prep above of base material of these appropriative powder metal, what realized cutting tool hear resistance and long life very well is organic and unified. The product of thread machining of 15 degrees of left hand that cuts bits is rolled out in can having via thread machining for the product of the choice, the product of thread machining of 45 degrees of right hands that cuts bits is pulled in be being machined with blind aperture. Product production accords with ANSI and DIN standard, the clip of quadrate tap knife that accurate H6 knife handle lets these tap precision excel are traditional and accurate circular knife are placed. "These material can be used at current project design and car to make character, for instance brace is mixed camshaft, connecting rod, hub, " Marcelo Campos of advanced product manager says department of career of tap of WIDIA whole world, "The product still applies at accurate aerospace equipment, be like valve, fittings and stainless steel are buckled. Fittings and stainless steel are buckled.. CNC Milling