Laser beam welding receives what fabric promotes productivity to rise

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-- the project of research of two industry collaboration that completes recently proved laser is soldering successfully the uses tissue joint on fabric uses suture to come true normally. Suture is labor the treatment process of concentrated sex, very much on the world area this is a kind of wasteful producer type. In addition, suture left hole on fabric, when requirement juncture has airtight sex, criterion its function got restrict apparently, at the same time these aperture also affected the intensity of juncture. When searching automation process instrumentation, a lot of companies consider to use solder or agglutinate, especially more such to fabric of a few man-made. Laser soldered to offer a possibility to produce the improvement of process automation and juncture function. Its main characteristic has: Tall solder rate, join the surface is heated only and cloth is exterior uninfluenced of quality of a material, bosseyed processing makes solder the process can undertake below other fabric layer, juncture flexibility gets maintenance, use manipulator or the way that frame system has controlling was offerringed leading to automation to laser. Graph 1: Manipulator operates diode laser to undertake soldering, the closest project on the drawer of woodiness lathe bed that solders decorations to have PVC coat is soldering centrally the development of processing technique and the use argumentation in domain of a few main application, these domains included construction of safe air bag, bedding, medical treatment things, and protection clothings. Juncture test showed these juncture and the corresponding juncture of use suture are euqally firm and the performance demand in can according with application. The personnel passion that shares research of this new method is not decreased, studying development implements the measure of automation further. Soldering there still are a few difficulties in the process, the mechanization fixed position that included textile and solder the problem propping up that the surface curves in the process. Current, living in what adornment industry uses is the sew machine that the hand moves an operation and special sewing machine tool, some mechanization degree is very finite. Use method of two kinds of suture normally: Whipstitch and Bao Bian are seamed. The advantage of traditional whipstitch method depends on it producing coriaceous juncture easily, juncture is out of shape not easily, when press press rupture not easily. Another kind of method, bao Bian seams a law to be used at join but purify / dismountable inattentive outer garment. Using this kind of outer garment to protect an industry in cure is very general, for instance, hospital, household nurses, perhaps nurse courtyard, because they must want to be cleaned easily, and the requirement that infects to further control also reinforced this kind of need. In addition, to fabric, the industry is protected to ask that he must have waterproof function in cure, the fabric that added bag cladding is used extensively, these fabric often are to use heat to close frit is received or dielectric solders. Should secure fabric board or when plank furniture, use the method of suture normally. Safe air bag can have the juncture of suture commonly, perhaps use special loom to braid a whole. Graph 2: Laser beam welding receives nylon 6, sketch map of 6 fibrous small structure, solder wiring is among, up and down what warp and weft form wring a mouth. No matter material is of cascade or monolayer,configuration all can use laser to undertake solder and producing juncture, material configuration depends on wants outward appearance and design. The laser beam welding that is used at textile receives a process is to be based on Clearweld craft, use special absorption the material of infra-red light is not carbon black will locate stimulate light energy and translate into heat energy, in contact melt material, implementation laser is transmitted solder. Below original position, thermoplastic plastic, including man-made fibre is transparent to near infra-red radiant energy. To solder fabric, the radiant energy of close infra-red laser must be absorbed in contact. This goes up through adding infra-red absorb material to be able to come true, join a method to be able to be passed spray to fabric of whole lower level these material, perhaps form layer in contact. The absorption of the broad spectrum that the tradition uses material, be like carbon black, color produces in the meeting on contact, this restricted laser badly to transmit solder in exterior of a few contact the application of very fundamental situation. And this is a problem really when join fabric. Clearweld is used at soldering clean, coloured, and transparent plastic, after normally the requirement solders, these circumstances can not produce other needless facial expression. It is by TWI the institute is invented, and by Gentex company implementation is commercialized. The experiment makes clear infra-red absorb material to be able to be in by gush directly fabric surface, perhaps be gotten on to polymer film by gush, place it between two fabric again. Fabric must be put on platform, perhaps be placed through complex three-dimensional bracket. After initiative to undertaking between fabric fixed position, after having fixed position to laser operating system, do not need other clamping apparatus. In more complex application, still need a lot of main jobs to design the alterable fixture that applies to all sorts of appearance component. Will return the Zhang Jin that must consider textile henceforth, symmetrical adornment, of edge horn close knit, drape / pleat, and of multiple fabric solder wait for a problem. When soldering, need uses force to the fabric near welding line, pressurization can pass use annulus clevis to provide, and clamping apparatus needs to avoid to pin the transparent film that covers on fabric. Laser crosses the Kong Jin on annulus to solder all right. In addition, still can use vacuum platform to come to fabric pressurization. Graph seat of 3 health care, chair cover solders by laser use Clearweld technology, can use all sorts of close infra-red laser will solder, included direct diode laser laser of diode of fiber-optic perhaps coupling, their typical job wavelengh is 808 Nm or 940nm, in addition still include Nd:YAG laser, working wavelengh is 1064nm, and fiber-optic laser, working wavelengh arrives in 1050nm 1500nm. Commercialized Clearweld absorbefacient to arriving in 800nm inside limits of 1100nm wave band solder very effective. Absorb efficiency what be in in 940nm to laser radiant particularly tall. Accordingly, to this job we chose the direct diode laser of 940nm wavelengh, its output power limits to be 150 to 600W, width of beam of light is 3-10mm. Laser uses frame or manipulator will operate (graph 1) . In typical manipulator system, laser is gone to by installation on manipulator, the fabric surface that is being propped up by complex structure has three-dimensional operation. If use, is direct diode laser, so found a place for on manipulator whole laser first. If use the laser that fine transmits light, so the optical device that manipulator installed laser only. If be requirement planar only,solder so use platform frame is OK. Set fabric standard in weld, a piece of film is covered in the area that waits for solder, below laser additional clamping apparatus is right fabric pressurization, perhaps pass pressurization of platform type vacuum. Next, along platform mobile laser can come true along solder. Can foreknow, accept occurrence laser beam welding the other and optional system of fabric before long, although at present these systems had be notted finish truly. Be based on the investigation of current and actual condition, chose the following kinds of fabric to undertake soldering experimenting: What weight waits in ◆ is smooth spin nylon 6, 6, use at safe gasbag. ◆ has the nylon of polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane cladding, polyester, medical perhaps bombazine. ◆ polyester, polypropylene, the mixture that viscose and bombazine wait a moment makes those who take pattern is smooth spin damask, basically use at living in adornment. ◆ is not had spin nylon or polyester, use at sofa couch decorate. ◆ woodiness pressing plate (have polyvinyl chloride and paper foil cladding) the drawer that uses couch of Yu Sha hairstyle. Graph 4 sofa bed, the laser that its component solders to exceed 50 kinds of fabric through be opposite by laser is transmitted measure a result to make clear, additive and colorant decided whether fabric can be used greatly solder. And the sort of polymer fiber and fabric is more less important. Experimental discovery, penetrable rate exceeds the fabric of 10% to be able to serve as the superstratum in soldering. And penetrate when laser when lower level, it is not effective. Solder speed is 3-10 rice / minute, specific depend on use laser power and fabric type. The butt joint seams evaluate basically include: Basic smoothness and / or fight deformation ability, intensity, with wear. In addition, because PU coating fabric will be used at waterproof cure to shield seat, still ask juncture has waterproof properties so. The function test of safe gasbag is to pass a series of static layering the leak below leads measure those who will undertake assessment. To lighter spin material, the juncture of generation and raw material are euqally strong. The nylon of safe gasbag is heavier, criterion its juncture intensity is inferior to material itself perhaps oversewing more the intensity of juncture. To much thermoplastic plastic structure and laminose goods, juncture intensity is the 40%-100% of raw material intensity. This makes the strength that juncture has the place in adornment application to ask and combat fatigue strength, produce break more not easily in juncture place especially. In adornment industry, break of not easy generation is very important to maintaining product outward appearance, but more important is, this one character is need sealed gas or liquid circumstance provided better performance. We discover, the small structure of the intensity of juncture and juncture is contacted cheek by jowl, and its are small the structure comes by energy input just about pilot. If energy is too small, cannot melt is enough material, gotten juncture is very poor. And if energy is too big, fabric itself also by melt, section of a defective produced on juncture edge, reduced intensity thereby. True capabilities inputs the fabric that can get melt is controlled very well, can gain the greatest juncture strength already, can have very good outward appearance again. Graph 2 those who show is a kind solder satisfactorily small structure. Graph gasbag of safety of 5 curtains type (picture origin: Autoliv) application demonstrates production company of British Knightsbridge furniture (on the west York county) a kind of seat in offerring their range of products demonstrates to taste as what cure protects kind of commodity. This kind of seat satisfied the market need of waterproof cover, what it uses is fabric of PU coating polyester. The gasket of the chair is envelope of a planar, by break up to solder from inside, cover after solder is good go up in the back of the chair, in order to realize sealed juncture. Cure protects an industry to ask to form sealed juncture to reduce a bacterium to invade seat interior, reduce the risk that the bacterium is polluted and transfers thereby. These chair overspread solder very successful, the outward appearance is good also. We undertook is based on the durable sex exam of industrial standard to seat, imitate uses a year of case, did not appear to damage gravely. These juncture also passed a fluid static press leak test. If the graph is shown 3 times,the chair that laser beam welding receives is overspread. British Silentnight controls bed company (Lankaixia) chose to use this kind to solder technical mattess makes example: Add mattess label, solder the side of cotton mattess, solder fabric to go up in lathe bed drawer, the need in this one circumstance is together fabric and timber join. 3 afore-mentioned case are successful soldered to finish and pass industrial standard test. Did not discover these soldering to have any deterioration. The characteristic of sparer than current technology time was shown in 3 example. Because was replaced,handmade oversews between fabric and lumber, the exhaustion that because the repeatability of suture works to be brought to handlers,also avoided is harmed. Graph 4 medium sofa beds, revealed afore-mentioned 3 solder package. Safe gasbag is British INVISTA company (Geluosite city) manufacturing nylon 6, 6 fibrous are important one of application, INVISTA company also is one of co-worker of this job. In the development of car security the job makes safe gasbag was installed to be on seat edge recently, and on the top of door (curtain type gasbag) . These application are helpful for be on guard lateral concussion, protection is provided in the accident that retroflexions for many times, gasbag of type of here requirement curtain must maintain at least expand 10 seconds, in order to provide effective protection (see a picture 5) . What this seams with respect to the butt joint is sealed raised additional requirement, make machined a process to increase additional working procedure. Laser solders to prevent leak to avoid sealed gas and liquid, offerred fast and of automation potential technology measure. We prepared safe gasbag demonstrate sample and had a test. The result makes clear, solder the ratio of sealed leak and pressure is in traditional suture pattern is sealed and corresponding inside the limits of ratio, this explains this kind of technology has development latent capacity very much. In the manufacturing domain of safe gasbag, of high automation solder treatment requires process through reducing manufacturing time and place, reduce for cost offerred a possibility. Predict, because introduce fabric of joint of fetch of laser beam welding, hopeful raises treatment rate, manufacturing efficiency and quality raise automation level thereby, improve productivity. This will reduce labor concentrated model the course that sew and suture job change to the region with other low labour costs, and because used advanced production device, can offer more to need the working station of high skill. The place that commodity of in the vicinity of needs produces them to also can reduce freight. This treatment process still brings other benefit, if can reduce repeatability,the exhaustion of labor is harmed and can provide environment of a low noise for handlers. This technology has the latent capacity that promotes productivity, to can make full use of the manufacturer of this new technology brought competitive advantage. Ian Jones assumes office to reach treatment ministry at the TWI company advanced material of British Cambridge. CNC Milling