Arrive from compound machine tool flexible product line -- the seed profit production that tall sex price compares

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Aikesailuo (EX-CELL-O) XS211 machining center is mixed from concept, equipment all without exception of these 3 respects is reflecting automation to create the design concept that is a purpose with seed profit, this is undoubtedly " seed profit is produced " brought new standard. General motors company bought Aikesailuo 58 XS211 machining center is used at machining valve of buy of roof of gear-box outer garment and housing, gearshift and spare parts of valve leaving place. In this project, loving the challenge that Ke Sailuo's engineers should face is: Convey the work that already confirmed effective technology and course are improved kind tie rises, development gives the manufacturing system that highest technology quality has below lowermost cost. Producing fundamental XS211 machining center is the base that produces a system, it used newest automation design, and these equipment are have something made to order according to user requirement. The plan that loves to overcome contest collect company to depend on XS211 machining center is " low production cost " raised new standard. The producer case that the engineering personnel of this company develops development to give a kind to produce cost cost to satisfy highest technology to ask with lowest -- XS211 machining center. Its are designed is a foundation in order to love the design program of machine tool of type of module of Ke Sailuo company, every machine tool is OK configure technically according to the need of the user. It is aluminous no matter, steel the treatment with grey still cast-iron mouth, XS211 machining center can be competent leisurely. Be aimed at at in the oneness that batch and big batch are produced and the marked characteristic of the XS211 series of the design is a system, it is OK have the aid of at different automata interface, rise easily with join of existing production system. The manufacturing cycle of XS211 is very short, from sheet the band that assembles beforehand to package shortened greatly when ship-fitter. From this theory sets out, the machine tool is whole constructional manufacturing process formed a kind of automation line to assemble, furnish neatly and assemble cycle weak point its advantage is a spare parts. Need 10 days only, whole center can be assembled finish, put into production is used. The application of standard component, assemble package differentiate, also reduced assemble cost. For example: Space of machine tool work defends assemble package to complete installation with 3, to achieve top quality demand, the installation that assembles package is undertaken by professional, undertake detecting in unit process of cargo bandling, defend fittings is regarded as an unit installation to be on XS211 finally. Systematic characteristic because of cost reduce in also wanting to change a course, come, the each link that so the process designs should undertake an analysis. The system of automation of be born type that contains conveyer belt is developed technically for XS211, the core of this automation means is to go up material equipment, XS211 workbench can move along Z axis (optional) . Installed the ball bearing slideway on machine tool base, pillar and crossed slip to assure extremely tall precision. The fixed position of direct displacement testing system to X axis, Y axis and Z axis undertakes detecting. Numerical control dial (B) axial installation is on Z axis, angle graduation is 360.

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000 ° , undertake metrical to angle through direct testing system, and B axis dial can be in any positions undertake hydraulic pressure clamp. The design capacity of library of disk type knife matchs HSK for 40 - the cutting tool of A63 knife handle, by advocate the drive axis cutting tool that finish arrives of knife library lade. Main shaft deserves to sensor is used at temperature to monitor, because it is the core of all treatment. Use place motive compose automatically to will add workpiece unload from a vehicle. Through rotating automation unit 180 ° , equipment is in same can go up again instantly by conveyer belt in second operation makings. The advantage of this system is OK utmost ground shortens fluctuation makings time. All machining center expect from equipment ahead, because this is producing a course,medium aleatoric time can get involved conveniently other operation. Aikesailuo is in charge of arriving from course design and cutting tool of all and mechanical production of automation system and plan carry out, user from which accrual is clearly: Because delivery limits includes all production facility, between all sorts of different components OK and accurate harmonious movement, this assured to the system is used and produce the optimization of the result. To make machining center more absorbing on the price, the company decreases equipment component to least, withholding those to ask to be on the technology according to the user only is the spare parts that needs absolutely. So, the engineer is in Aikesailuo is quite successful on the quality level that maintains Sailuosheng love a gram to produce a line and cost control. Seriation production is current this project only then in May 2004, the target is to ask to love Kesailuo in June 2005 consign equipment of last batches of XS211. Because time is pressing, what whole project still includes all component is finishing and carry, aikesailuo drafted new installation plan to be finished in order to ensure on schedule for this. The method that assembles the part instead to assemble module beforehand shortened greatly installation time. In this kind modular on installation means foundation, the concept that whole traditional thread binding matchs also shapes stage by stage, this is meant assemble in user spot, debug and install XS211 equipment to need time 10 days only now. The product line that XS211 forms has a variety of what can offer an alternative is flexible on stuff kind: 1, installation is in it is OK that ground expects device deserves to have on automatic device the revolving stage that shift has on the Z axis in XS211, it is the core of method of this kind of automata. One each is moved swing clamping apparatus puts the work that has processed to automatic device and whole rotates 180 ° , next reload places wool blank, all jobs work in finish inside the loop. The expect on workpiece swings automatically clamping apparatus movement is finished by conveyor. The advantage of this system is fluctuation makings time shrinks to the shortest. Because machining center expects on forehead, the interference in operating personnel to be able to circulate in the job at any time produces working procedure. 2, those who deserve to rail mounted installs a robot is flexible go up good point of the material on makings unit robot: Implementation of bracket of use workpiece amortize is shorter go up makings loop; The robot regards standard component as cost cheap; The work location in clamping apparatus is agile; The machine tool with different setting can install same robot (machining center, cleaning machine, assemble a machine tool to wait) ; Workpiece changeover time is fast; Buffer provides work to produce a system. In the development process of XS211, aikesailuo's engineer is already mature what different interface uses at all sorts of automata is flexible configuration, what implemented a system thereby is agile with adjust accurately, satisfy the client's requirement. Such, in complex manufacturing system, the engineer can is opposite alone each treatment unit undertake debugging, because this is OK,in the shortest time immanent installation manufacturer undertakes install and be debugginged to overall equipment. Additional, workpiece conveyed to also avert dimensional interference to respective treatment unit in sky. CNC Milling