In the ascendant dry type / treatment of cutting of close dry type

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In cutting treatment, use cutting fluid can have a few main effect, be like pair of cutting tool / workpiece interface undertakes lubricating effectively with refrigeration, and sweep effectively cut bits. Platoon bits not the consequence that free may cause cutting 2 times, it often can squash the workpiece material that already excised to go out in firm treatment apparently, and, going up somehow, can make fusion welding of the fragment that cut bits is being machined apparently. This also can damage possibly treatment surface is bright and clean degree. But on the other hand, lubricating fluid arises easily to the bacterium that may cause serious harm to human body health breeds and produce peculiar smell. Still have a lot of other drawback that concern with cutting fluid, include to purchase, waste liquid processing, care and maintenance and labour cost. The besmirch that remains to go up in workpiece or contaminant also may be a problem. Sweep the end that cuts bits to achieve, when undertaking Kong Jia is versed in, the need contact in broach and workpiece material uses lubricant on the dot, so that the workpiece data of resect produces from Kong Zhongchong. Lack lubricating fluid to be able to cause the conglutinate that cut bits to be on hole wall, the treatment surface surface roughness of dry type cutting may be met on average tower above of cutting of specific humidity type one times. Undertake lubricating to the interface between broach and hole wall, can reduce significantly auger cut torque. In milling and turning treatment, make quantity of heat hands a quota that favorable treatment function is in cutting bits from cutting area. The reasonable design that flows to cutting bits can make what arise caloric 85% be cut bits belt leaves cutting area, and the quantity of heat of the others flows into workpiece or in cutting tool. This kind of calorific phenomenon can produce ill effect to the life of cutting cutting tool. For example, in milling treatment, cut when cutting blade and cut be machined when workpiece, its temperature can rise alternately and drop. Fluctuant meeting caused this kind of temperature to a series of expanding and contract, bring about fatigue stress and hot crack thereby. And infuse lubricating fluid often can make the circumstance becomes more flooey. Around cutting fluid whether the hits an area secondhand problem that arrives at the bottom that cut bits and cutting tool truly, engineers of research and development are long-term vexed. If cutting fluid cannot reach this area, so it can cool only cut the area near the area, its refrigeration effect is quite finite. This kind heats / cooling alternant action can increase temperature only gradient and increase thermal stress. Consider economy. Before 20 years, purchase, the proportion that management and the charge that process lubricating fluid are producing the place in cost to occupy still is less than 3% . Under photograph comparing, same nowadays 16% what these charge want on average to hold manufacturing cost. With this one significant change trend photograph agrees, hold manufacturing cost on average only considering cutting tool charge 3% this one relatively inferior scale, manufacturer people be willing to accept shorten slightly with cutting tool life for cost, will exchange the gain that cancels to buy and safeguard lubricating fluid. Accordingly, for from the benefit in save cutting fluid cost or improving cutting tool life, more and more manufacturer get lost the solution that employs dry type or cutting of close dry type. Dry type cutting is to show the cutting that does not use any cutting liquid is machined, and cutting of close dry type -- namely minim is lubricant (MQL) cutting -- be minim lubricating fluid (from in-house or exterior) immediate application is in at cutting blade. The characteristic of cutting of close dry type is lubricating fluid evaporate in machining a process, make cut bits to keep dry. Dry type or the practice of close cutting doing type had proved, can apply successfully more high-speed cutting condition. High pressure of high-pressured refrigeration technology is cooling (HPC) it is a kind of newest processing technique, suit the treatment of special material and stainless steel material particularly. Very high pressure formed cooling fluid of local high tension to flow, can eliminate steam to form, help it is the disjunction that cut bits small drossy. High pressure (70 - 140 cling to) cooling fluid and photograph of area of accurate alignment cutting are united in wedlock, those who make this technology can offer a tradition is pouring the advantage that type cooling fluid does not have. Cooling fluid with liquid state (is not vapour) form, in enough the eject below high pressure arrives cutting area. Liquid state cooling fluid can is opposite actually of melt condition cut bits to rise to quench action, its disjunction is it is smaller, better to can charge a sex drossy, what realize pair of cutting processes thereby is lubricant. In addition, because use inside cooling means, high-pressured refrigeration can make whole main shaft, cutting tool, razor blade and workpiece maintain lower temperature, prolong the life of cutting tool and machine tool equipment thereby. Say from this meaning, its action resembles the cooling department of car engine consolidating model. Another advantage with cooling high pressure is, cut cooling fluid eject the machinability that the data below position of high speed cutting can improve near the area to 2. No matter workpiece material is alloy of titanium, Inconel or steel, the high-pressured cooling fluid that targets cutting area accurately can be formed smaller, can accuse more cut bits. Targetting cooling fluid accurately cutting area is successful key. This technology uses laser (is not floodlight) the method of alignment, will dominate the eject niche of cooling fluid. JetHP series cutting tool (include Isoturn and Cut-Grip grooving knife, Heliturn lathe tool and end panel lathe tool, Tang-Grip to cut off knife of grooving of knife and grooving knife, Pentacut, groove lathe tool and cut off a knife) it is Yisika of the HPC cutting tool that the company develops. These cutting tool are in turning treatment (include to machine internal diameter and external diameter on all sorts of spare partses) very effective. The pressure of cooling fluid is highest can achieve 400 cling to, but the most commonly used pressure in treatment is commonly 70 - 100 cling to. When undertaking high speed cutting with current HPC lathe tool, high-pressured cooling fluid is cutting craft cannot intersected component. Besides can prevent cutting area overheat and thermal shock beyond, high-pressured cooling fluid still can be offerred " water knife " cut effect, OK and cogent improve cutting function. HPC cutting tool is undertake machining to be below extremely high cooling fluid pressure and cutting speed and of custom-built design, compare with photograph of cooling inside the convention that cooling fluid pressure uses below inferior circumstance cutting tool, level of its treatment performance is higher. High-pressured refrigeration system has a variety of treatment beneficial result: (1) improve productivity -- high-pressured refrigeration can be eliminated from workpiece surface heat in metal cutting and eliminate to cut bits, allow to use higher feed rate and main shaft rotate speed; (2) improve treatment quality -- more significant platoon bit, higher feed rate, faster main shaft rotate speed, and cutting tool tatty is reduced improved workpiece quality and appearance conversely bright and clean degree; (3) prolong cutting tool life -- quantity of heat of cooling can effective purify mixes high pressure cut bits, reduce cutting tool to wear away. Matrix and coating in recent years, dry type / method of cutting of close dry type has gotten acknowledgement generally, yi Sika special support uses green processing technique to increase value and reduce cost. Considering this, the latest technology of material of cutting cutting tool, if advanced coating is hard alloy, pottery and porcelain, cermet, cubic,nitrogen changes boron (CBN) He Jujing diamond (PCD) got developing. Although be below very high cutting temperature, of matrix of integral hard alloy inferior the integrality that micron grain structure also can hold cutting blade, provide enough bate effect at the same time, be out of shape in order to resist and prevent to produce crescent moon depression. The cutting high temperature that arises in dry type cutting often can make hard alloy structure produces slight bate, raised its tenacity instead so, conduce to prevent any potential collapse blade, prolong cutting tool life thereby. Use get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boron (PCBN) a kind of successful choice that cutting tool also is dry type cutting. Blade of PCBN cutting tool grinds a technology to make its can apply at turning, boring and milling treatment with the form of point of a knife of drill rod solder or integral PCBN razor blade. The characteristic of PCBN is hardness is close to diamond, have very good wearability, tenacity and hot rigid. All these character make PCBN is become suit to process oil most hard steel, cast-iron the cutting tool material with super alloy. There is to shape on the razor blade of Heliturn IS8 pottery and porcelain that Yi Sika rolls out a bits stage, the Heliturn that it combined to use name of this pottery and porcelain is tangential system of clamp razor blade and nicety shape the advantage of a bits stage. When razor blade of use pottery and porcelain is machined, use tangential clamp way is very important, any bending force that because it can remove effect,go up in bit. Although dry type cutting and cooling fluid do type cutting and MQL treatment method to gain ground increasingly, but when processing certain work data, still be necessary to use cutting liquid. When machining aluminium alloy, accumulate bits tumour to prevent generation, must use high-pressured refrigeration technology. In addition, alloy of treatment high temperature is mixed when nickel radical alloy, also need to use a large number of cooling fluid, in order to prevent workpiece inferior surface layer happening machines sclerosis. When processing stainless steel appear easily break bits undesirable wait for blemish, also can get settlement through using cooling fluid. Brand of high grade hard alloy applies to the carry out and rolls out 3P Sumo Tec that Yi Sika does type cutting for support auger cut, milling, turning and grooving. Because be on coating of cutting tool matrix and CVD, PVD,used innovation technology, this kind of new name can prolong the service life of cutting tool and razor blade. The PVD coating of this kind of brand used Al-Tec coating technology of Yisika, and CVD coating is to be based on technology of its Alpha-Tec coating, treatment makes clear, these two kinds of coating can offer outstanding wearability. Adopt a kind of add technology, can be above PVD and CVD coating deposit another kind of coating, offer a kind of very flowing low stress layer thereby, with improving cutting tool life further. This kind of slick surface is helpful for cutting the continuous flow of bits, decrease to chafe and give out heat. This kind of new coating technology still can raise the tenacity of cutting tool and sex of the blade that fight collapse, reduce chafe and prevent to produce the tumor that accumulate bits, be opposite thereby the life that cutting tool prolongs when cutting of the high speed of all sorts of type work material, big feed. CNC Milling