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Beautiful line and the delegate element that using feeling model is car vogue. The brandish of body of stylist design car asperses a space to depend on greatly the feasibility of mould production technology. The mould is producing main effect in development of each new model, matter to its to develop efficiency. Make large mould comparative take time, automatic rough machining and the time that finish machining needs exceed 100h far. Most mould is odd, accordingly its precision and exterior quality must be achieved highest. Anyhow, it is right the quality of ultimate car assembly in whole production is having immediate effect, manufacturing cost is very high. Wireless handwheel safety mixes the De Han that use the of great capacity to if there is frequent artificial interpose in automatic treatment process,control movement conveniently, it is impossible that the outline face of complex form wants high accuracy ground to machine. The surface outside perfect milling is the key that makes sure outline is accurate. CAD branch is in charge of the process designing of these place outline and test, its institute program turns in numerical control system again, use treatment of numerical control system, each this kind of local treatment involves a lot of link. To raise quality and treatment rate, need revises a few parameter to global program, for example feed rate. At this moment, meet those who create treatment process interrupt again. Other the common cause that causes delay still has numerical control system to cannot start machine program afresh conveniently, must begin to check the order that already executed entirely from start. Any hands in machining a process automatically use intervention is dangerous. The indication of large machine program in editor of numerical control system is quite multifarious. In outline milling, often need to use the specific position of outline of another knife rehabilitate. Normally, must adjust the relevant section of the program that CAD/CAM system creates, second birth becomes a shorter new program. Avoid bypass to arrive the simplest method of CAD/CAM system is system of ITNC 530 of use Hai Dehan medium DXF changes a tool. Show through the graph, the user chooses the cutting tool way that CAD/CAM system makes interactively. Outline place chooses place to be able to be saved to be an independent machine program quickly, in maintaining system of existence numerical control. This function saved the many time that awaits CAD branch processing for the user, and can oneself undertake local revise. Another useful function is OK be close to and leave outline safely, through simple dialog process designing can be added in new program. Setting of global program parameter chooses outfit function to be able to adjust program of NC numerical control to make its accord with the configuration case that uses a machine tool quickly. To revise setting of global program parameter, must stop to machine a process currently. The safety of Hai Dehan ITNC 530 stops a function to allow to stop at any time, and operation personnel can be revised conveniently, need not modify machine program, operation personnel can define the coordinate commutation that applies to current program and setting. Sound structured window system simplified further this process, it prevented needless accident effectively, ensure suspend time as far as possible short. The beginning of machine program also does not have any defer. ITNC 530 can begin the work instantly, the fixed position regulation that according to needing to use an operation personnel place chooses moves to reposition. Setting of parameter of program of modification overall situation is simple and safe, interrupt time weak point. When the undercut in machining large mould, operation personnel must control automatic treatment process directly. The user uses handwheel (especially Haidehan's HR 550FS is wireless handwheel) the axis that the edge asks locates with overlay motion moves accurately cutting tool. Before beginning, define the scope of needs axis and overlay motion in setting of global program parameter above all. In tilt in the system, handwheel overlay campaign is similar safety and use easily, when needing to control the movement along fictitious axis directly for example. Design of system of Hai Dehan numerical control is used at satisfying a mould to create demand and demand. When ITNC 530 has a lot of convenient machine tools to operate personnel to machine, undertake complex adjusted function. No matter be global program parameter,the graph changes choice outline position, the purpose is the most reliable result is achieved in the shortest time, accordingly can utmost ground reduces cost. CNC Milling