Be based on the character of small displacement driver that exceeds magnetism to send adjustable material to consider

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The summary has cubic Laifusi the TbXDy of Rfe2 counterfeit compound of photograph structure (1-X) Fe2, huge magnetism is had to cause adjustable amount below room temperature environment, use the small displacement drive that this kind of material develops, have the characteristic such as big displacement, high resolution and big output force. From driver use angle sets out, undertook elaborating to the principle of this kind of material and character, analysed the structure that exceeds magnetism to send adjustable driver and character at the same time. Design and developed exceed magnetism to send driver of adjustable small displacement, pass experimental analysis, the displacement resolution of driver is amounted to 0.

5 Nm, journey limits amounts to M of 40 μ , there is wide applied perspective in nicety and superprecision domain. Keyword magnetism sends law of grouping of data of books of China of magnetic field of adjustable displacement driver to classify date TH703.

Jia Yuhui(Harbin Institute Of Technology of   of   of 65Research On The Performance Of Micro-Displacement Actuator Based Giant Magnetostrictive Material, harbin,   of   of China)   Tan Jiubin Abstract: The False Compound TbxDy(1-x)Fe2 Which Has The Cubic And Laves-phase Structure As Rfe2 Possesses Much Larger Magnetostrictive In Room Temperature.

The Micro-displacement Actuator Made By This Material Features Large Displacement, high-resolution And Strong Output Force.

The Theory And Properties Of This Material Is Described From The Application Point Of View, the Structure And Performance Of Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator Are Also Analyzed, and The Actuator Is Designed And Manufactured Successfully.

Experimentally, the Resolving Power Of The Actuator Is Of 0.

5nm, m of μ of The Range Of Displacement Is Of 40.

It Has Potential Application In The Precision And Super Precision Machining Field.

Key Words:m  of Magnetic Field of   of Actuator   of   of   of Displacement of Agnetostrictive     by rare-earth element (R) reach transfer metal (M) those who form, the cubic Laifusi that has MgCu2 structure photograph compound, show have magnetism of huge room temperature to send adjustable character. Especially TbFe2 falls in room temperature, magnetism sends quantity of adjustable meet an emergency to be able to be achieved 2.

5 × 10-3, and RXR (1-X) Fe2 counterfeit n duality fastens compound to have low china crystal at the same time anisotropy and relatively big magnetism cause adjustable amount, it has output muscularity, adjustable quantity to reach energy density greatly advanced characteristic, get applied extensively in a lot of domains [1] . In superprecision technology, technology of small displacement drive regards his as core technology, concerning to machine the technical index of precision directly. Consequently to improve the performance of contemporary control system, need is developed further more answer the driver that reachs freely of advance and retreat high-power, more quickly [2] . Because exceed magnetism to send structure of the puissant, big displacement that adjustable material has, rigid system to wait for a characteristic, apply its at driver domain, will great the function quota that increases drive, and will drive the progress of superprecision domain further. 1 exceed magnetism to send adjustable material and character 1.

1 exceed magnetism to send adjustable material magnetism adjustable it is to show material is below magnetic field action, its length (or appearance) happen stretchy or the phenomenon that shorten. The stuff that has bigger magnetism to cause adjustable strain calls magnetism to send adjustable material, if alloy of Ni, Ni-Co-Cr is mixed,the saturated magnetism of Fe-14%Al alloy causes adjustable strain the capacity is only 0.

1 × of ~ of 4 × 10-4 10-4, as a result of its saturated magnetism sends adjustable coefficient (λ S) value is too little, did not get applied extensively. The development on international becomes a kind recently multivariate rare earth - Tielaifusi photograph compound (R ′ , r ″ ) Fe2, its saturation magnetism sends quantity of adjustable meet an emergency to achieve 1.

2 × of ~ of 5 × 10-3 10-3, the 20 ~ that are equivalent to traditional material 50 times, say its send adjustable material to exceed magnetism so [3] . What be engaged in the earliest exceeding magnetism to send adjustable material to consider is American naval institute, the TbXDy of development (1-X) Fe2 compound already was commercialized, they use suspension zone melting and refining (FSZM) with improvement Bridgman (MB) the material that two kinds of methods produce all sorts of dimension and figure. 1.

The working mechanism rare earth of 2 material exceeds magnetism to send adjustable material to belong to cubic crystal, its magnetism sends adjustable coefficient is commonly through measuring edge main shaft (< 100 > , < 110 > , < 111 > ) directional length change gets, magnetic field from perpendicular turn to parallel at measuring way. Its magnetism sends adjustable coefficient to be type in, hi is coefficient of proportionality; α I is saturated magnetization strength the directional cosine of opposite brilliant axis; β I is measure way the directional cosine of opposite brilliant axis. Two when use lowermost rank only normally go sending adjustable experiment to plan to close with magnetism. If use λ 100 express to magnetize vector edge < 100 > the length of this direction when direction varies, with λ 111 express to magnetize vector edge < 111 > change along the length of this direction when direction, can send magnetism brief melt into is in adjustable meet an emergency the isotropy inside the object (much brilliant or blame brilliant) below special situation, in type, θ is mixed for magnetization vector measure the included angle between direction. 1.

The character of 3 material 1.


The energy that the effect that 1 stress causes adjustable material to magnetism assumes magnetism sends adjustable material is crystal of magnetic Zeeman energy, china the summation of anisotropy energy and stretch energy, have E=-MSHcos θ + Kf(θ ) + (in type of θ of Cos2 of σ of 3/2) λ S, MS is magnetization strength; H is magnetic field intensity; K is china crystal anisotropy is invariable; σ is stress; F(θ ) for a when orientaton place decides complex function. Magnetism sends the meet an emergency of adjustable material to suffer the effect of bear, below different pressure, its are adjustable the curve is different, because overcome stress to need to do mechanical work, see a picture 1. Graph the 1 magnetism that issues data in different stress sends adjustable curve given to magnetism slants buy or give a the biggest magnetizing field to be able to decide first-rate presses negative charge (choose first-rate machinery to tighten force beforehand namely) , the peak value that optimal energy changes efficiency to appear in this curve is in [4] , see a picture 2. When designing small displacement drive consequently, due and certain tighten force beforehand. 1.


6 × 105A/m   2.


4 × 105A/m   3.


2 × 105A/m   4.


1 × 105A/m   5.


96 × 105A/m   6.


8 × 105A/m   7.


64 × 105A/m   8.


48 × 105A/m   9.


32 × 105A/m pursues the work that resistance of the material below 25 ℃ of 2   approachs stress place to do 1.


2 temperature character exceeds magnetism to send adjustable material the change that adjustable quantity follows temperature, namely from microtherm big anisotropy (< 100 > easy axis) lose anisotropy greatly to high temperature (< 111 > easy axis) change a course, see a picture 3, graph 4. Look from temperature angle, put in 3 different area: Microtherm area, tall anisotropy, low magnetism is sent adjustable; In lukewarm area, low anisotropy, tall magnetism is sent adjustable; High temperature area, tall anisotropy, tall magnetism is sent adjustable. Be in in lukewarm area, china crystal the value of anisotropy is the least, magnetization strength and magnetism are sent adjustable be similar to rotational model is magnetized simply in what press bear to fall, namely magnetization strength M and H of magnetic field intensity become direct proportion. Near 40 ℃ TbXDy (1-X) Fe2 magnetism sends adjustable optimum behavior to appear in X=0.

27. When 0.

27<X<1, the thermal drop of lowermost anisotropy is small. Look from magnetic field angle, the magnetization strength when T>0 ℃ and magnetism send the region composition that adjustable curve differs by 3: ① has small magnetization strength and magnetism to send ② of adjustable; of area of extremely low magnetic field to magnetize bouncing area, the magnetism that there is very big difference in two in this interval magnetic moment is sent bouncing; ③ magnetizes vector roll area between adjustable direction, magnetic moment changes direction < 112 > marvellous axis direction, the magnetism that has economic value is sent adjustable an area of tall now field. Consequently, below room temperature, to reach optimum behavior target, due and certain slant magnetic field, magnetic field size is reached by temperature control the collective decision such as stress [5] . Graph 3   13.

The magnetism below 3MPa pressing stress is sent adjustable with magnetization graph 4 different press the magnetism below stress to send adjustable the relation curve with temperature system of driver of 2 small displacement 2.

1 system is formed exceed magnetism to cause system of drive of adjustable small displacement by exceed magnetism to deliver water of sensor of driver of adjustable small displacement, temperature, displacement sensor, constant temperature system of cooling system, control of accurate electric current is formed, they make system of closed circuit feedback through the computer, see a picture 5. Graph because block diagram of system of drive of 5 small displacement uses as the solenoid coil that produces drive magnetic field can have calorific appearance, use temperature sensor and circular water-cooling device to make closed circuit consequently, temperature control is in (30 ± 0.

Inside the limits of 01) ℃ , ask in order to achieve precision [6] . 2.

The develops small displacement drive particular structure of driver of 2 small displacement sees a picture 6. By permanent magnet generation slants buy magnetic field, make driver job is in thereby adjustable rate is the oldest reach good linear paragraph, use 4 × 104A/m slant buy magnetic field. Additional, pass stretch steel piece, adjust what magnetism sends adjustable club to go up to tighten force beforehand, make magnetic hysteresis the smallest thereby. Through changing the size of the electric current in drive coil, will change the size of the magnetic field in the club, control displacement then. In driver, magnetic field is formed close loop, reduced leakage magnetism thereby, and also won't get the influence of exterior magnetic field, such instruments can be put together with other nicety instrument use, and won't mutual interference. Graph the displacement that sketch map of 6 driver structure exceeds magnetism to send driver of adjustable small displacement answers character to be able to be regarded comprise by the response of two parts, send the response between adjustable quantity for magnetic field and magnetism firstly, measure class to go up in small second commonly; It is the response between drive electric current and magnetic field secondly [7] . Drive magnetic field is caused by the electric current in solenoid coil. In I(t)=i(1-e-Rt/L) type concerning under the voltaic existence of the electric current in solenoid coil and drive power source, the inductance that coil produces for L; Rt is the resistor in loop; Answer time to be T=L/Rt. 2.

3 tests data and analysis will exceed magnetism to send the vibration isolation platform of room of constant temperature of park of driver of adjustable small displacement to go up, through sensor of capacitance of accept rice class (resolution is 0.

5 Nm) measure its displacement output, and scale displacement curve. The displacement resolution that exceeds magnetism to send driver of adjustable small displacement can be achieved 0.

5 Nm, displacement limits can amount to M of 40 μ . By the graph 7, graph 8 see, the displacement of driver is put in certain arrearage, because exceed magnetism to send adjustable material,basically be in, when magnetic field changes, arrearage exists between B-H. Undertake correction to driver displacement through the computer, the character that improves drive further, raise linear, reduce delay. Graph graph of character of magnetic hysteresis of displacement of 7 little scope 3 conclusion will exceed curve of character of magnetic hysteresis of displacement of 8 big range magnetism sends adjustable material introduce in system of small displacement drive, the function index that improves system of small displacement drive greatly, develop what promote nicety and superprecision technology further. CNC Milling