The airborne travel of numerical control center lathe and function examine

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Normally to diameter of the biggest turning 200 ~ 1000 Mm, length of the biggest turning presses the following requirement to undertake airborne travel and function examine normally to the type of numerical control center lathe of 5000 Mm. 1, the hand moves a function to examine: Use key-press, switch or operate artificially undertake to the machine tool the function experiments, the experiment is the flexibility of its movement, smooth gender and dependability. (1) , optional rotate speed of a kind of main shaft and rotate speed of dynamical cutter spindle, the main shaft that start and orgnaization of dynamical tool carrier undertake turninging, invert, stop (include apply the brake) successive experiment, successive operation not less than 7. (2) , main shaft and dynamical cutter spindle do test of commutation of low, medium, high rotate speed, the statement cost of rotate speed and indication value (or actual measurement is worth) difference must not is more than 5% . (3) , optional a kind of feed, mix the feed that start stop a movement to operate continuously, working feed and fast feed test are done on the overall travel of Z axis, X axis, C axis, quick stroke should be more than Z axis, X axis 1/2 total travel. , turn over direction to be operated continuously not less than 7. Measure fast feed speed to reach add, decelerate is characteristic. Check the wave motion of electric current of servo electric machinery, its tolerance is worth set by the manufactory. (4) , go up in the overall travel of Z axis, X axis, C axis, do commutation of low, medium, tall feed to examine. (5) , shake with the hand pulse generator or weak condition shift sneak away board, the feed of axis of slide, C examines. (6) , be moved with the hand or motor-driven makes tailstock and tailstock main shaft are in its make shift examine on overall travel. (7) , the athletic part that has locking orgnaization, in its the random of overall travel makes locking test locally, tilt and the slide of perpendicular slideway, after cutting off motivation, should not fall. (8) , circumgyrate tool carrier undertakes all sorts of dislocation clamp examine. (9) , hydraulic pressure, lubricant, cooling system does test of sealed, lubricant, cool performance, the requirement adjusts convenient, movement lubricant and agile, good, refrigeration is sufficient, each system does not get leakage. (10) , unit of platoon bits, carry bit examines. (11) , the machine tool that automatic outfit places the orgnaization that change a knife, should undertake the knife examines be installinged automatically placing changing. (12) , the C axis that has orgnaization of graduation fixed position should undertake graduation fixed position examines. (13) , all sorts of indicator light of digital control equipment, program reads in the function such as device, ventilated system to examine. (14) , the clamp of chuck, loose, examine its flexibility and dependability. (15) , function of the safety of the machine tool, safe, guard examines; (16) , in main shaft highest revolution falls, measure time of apply the brake, take average 7 times; (17) , monitor automatically, measure pair of knives, automatically automatically, the auxiliary function such as device of automatic fluctuation makings examines; (18) , lubricant, cooling system does hydraulic pressure sealed, lubricant, cool performance examines, the requirement handles convenient, movement cooling and lubricant and agile, good, sufficient, each system does not have leakage. 2, the function that controls CNC of functional check expropriation to control an instruction to have a machine tool examines, examine the flexibility of its movement and functional dependability. (1) , main shaft undertakes turninging, invert, stop to reach rotate speed of commutation main shaft to examine (orgnaization of infinitely variable speeds does low, medium, high speed to examine; Orgnaization of step speed changing does various rotate speed to examine) ; (2) , feed orgnaization does low, medium, tall feed and fast feed commutation to examine; (3) , C axis, X axis and Z axis linkage examine; (4) , circumgyrate tool carrier undertakes all sorts of dislocation clamp experiment, make choice of is versed in measure phasing adjacent knife with circumgyrate the dislocation time of 1800, successive 7, take its average; (5) , of experiment feed coordinate exceed Cheng, hand to move data to be defeated by person, coordinate position to show, answer datum mark, program to serial number is indicated and retrieve, the program stops, program end, program is eliminated, weak condition feed, linear interpolation, circular arc interpolation, ; 3, temperature rise examines the temperature rise that measures main shaft high speed and bearing of the main shaft when middling speed air runs, lube and other and main heat source and its change rule. Examine should run 180 minutes continuously. Experiment to make sure the machine tool begins below cold conditions, must not work inside before the experiment 16 hours. The experiment does not get midway to jockey. The amount of lube and name should be checked before the experiment, accord with the regulation of operation instruction handbook. Temperature is measured should be in main shaft bearing (before, medium, hind) place and main shaft casing, the generation caloric place such as electric machinery carapace and hydraulic pressure gasoline tank. Main shaft runs continuously, every other is measured 15 minutes. With temperature of the place that be measured value draw becomes time finally - temperature rise graph, with successive movement temperature rise value of 180 minutes regards assessment as data. Time - temperature rise graph is examining actually in the process, should notice the following: (1) , the place that temperature measures a dot to should choose to approach the part that be measured as far as possible. Temperature of main shaft bearing should measure a place with measuring lukewarm craft aperture to be. Going up without the machine tool that measures lukewarm craft aperture, can be before main shaft, hind flange dish thermocouple of the outfit inside aperture of close solid bolt, grease of the perfusion inside screw, orifice uses plasticene or adhesive plaster is sealed; (2) , the aleatoric space place that room temperature measures a dot to should be set in altitude of machine tool center to leave machine tool 500mm, gasoline tank measures lukewarm dot to should stand by the place of oil absorption mouth as far as possible. CNC Milling