Interlocution of soft starter foundation 10

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Interlocution of soft starter foundation 10 1.

What is soft starter? What distinction do it and transducer have? Soft starter is electric machinery of a kind of collect soft start, soft jockey, carry gently energy-saving with a variety of protection functions the control equipment of novel electric machinery at an organic whole, abroad calls SoftStarter. Its basically be being formed is to string together receive turn over shunt-wound brake canal and circuit of its electron control at power source and the three-phase between electric machinery be accusinged. Use different method, control three-phase turns over what shunt-wound brake is in charge of to guide current flow angle, make the input voltage of electric machinery be accusinged changes by diverse demand, can realize different function. Soft starter and transducer are the product of two kinds of completely different utility. Transducer is the place that is used at needing timing, its are outputted not only change voltage and change frequency at the same time; Soft starter is a booster actually, use at electric machinery starts, output changes voltage only and did not change frequency. Transducer has function of all soft starter, but its price is more expensive than soft starter much, the structure is complex also much. 2.

What is electromotor is soft start? Which a few kinds of starting kinds are there? Apply string receive at power source and the soft starter between electric machinery be accusinged, control what brake of its interior brilliant is in charge of to guide current flow angle, make electric machinery inputs voltage from 0 rise gradually with setting function to concern beforehand, till start an end, gift electric machinery full voltage, it is namely soft start, in soft starting process, electric machinery starts torsion to increase gradually, rotate speed also increases gradually. Soft start to have commonly below a few kinds of starting means. (1) brae step up is soft start. This kind of starting way is the simplest, do not have voltaic closed-loop control, adjust brilliant brake canal to guide only current flow angle, increase what make into particular function relation with time. Its defect is, as a result of not current limliting, in electric machinery starting process, want to produce bigger impulse current to make brilliant brake provides damage sometimes, bigger to influence of electrified wire netting, apply actually rarely. (2) brae constant current is mild start. This kind of starting means is the initiative phase that starts in electromotor starts electric current to increase gradually, achieve when electric current keep constant after the value of place set beforehand (T1 comes T2 phase) , till start,end. In starting process, the rate of voltaic ascendant change is OK adjust set according to electromotor load. Voltaic ascendant rate is old, start torsion big, starting time is short. Should starting way is the starting means with most application, apply to fan, pump especially kind start ladenly. (3) rank capriole is moved. Switch on the mobile phone, namely with the shortest time, make starting electric current reachs set value quickly, it is namely rank capriole is moved. Start voltaic set value through adjusting, can achieve fast starting result. (4) pulse concussion starts. In start begin phase, canal of brake yielding crystal is inside class short time, open the fall after a rise after period of time with bigger report conductance, be worth linear to rise by former set again, start into constant current repeatedly. Should start a method, apply lesser in average load, apply to burden and need to overcome the starting situation of bigger static friction. 3.

Soft start to differ with what traditional decompression starts way at where? Basket model the decompression of electric machinery tradition starts means to Y-q starts, start from Ou decompression, reactor starts etc. These starting means belong to decompression having class to start, put in apparent weakness, impulse current appears 2 times in starting a process namely. Soft the different department that starts to start way with traditional decompression is: (1) without impulse current. Soft starter is when starting electric machinery, through increasing brilliant brake gradually the canal guides current flow angle, make electric machinery starts electric current to rise to set value from 0 linear. (2) constant current starts. Soft starter can introduce voltaic closed-loop control, make electric machinery carries constant current in starting process, ensure electric machinery starts smoothly. (3) choose according to laden circumstance and character of protection of electrified wire netting, but ground stepless adjusts freedom to start electric current to first-rate. 4.

What is electromotor is soft jockey? Electric machinery stops when machine, traditional control pattern is finished through instantaneous power cut. But have a lot of application situations, do not allow electric machinery instant to close machine. For example: The water pump system of high-level building, building, if the instant stops machine, meeting generation is huge " water hammer " effect, make conduit, even water pump suffers damage. To decrease and prevent " water hammer " effect, need electric machinery stops gradually machine, namely soft jockey, use soft starter to be able to satisfy this one requirement. In pumping station, application is soft stop trick-cycling art to be able to avoid pumping station " beat the door " attaint, reduce upkeep costs and maintenance workload. In soft starter soft jockey the function is, brilliant brake canal is in after getting staying machine injunction, from guide completely reduce gradually guide current flow angle, through the process that proper time transfers to be shut completely. The time basis that jockey needs actually to be able to be adjusted in 0~120s. 5.

How is soft starter to come true to carry gently energy-saving? Basket model asynchronous electric machinery is perceptual load, in move, the voltaic lag in stator coil winding at voltage. If tension of electric machinery job is constant, be in when carrying gently, power factor is low, when be in burden, power factor is high. Soft starter can be solid when carrying gently now, carry voltage through reducing electric machinery, raise power factor, reduce the cupreous bad news of electric machinery, iron cost, achieve hold energy-saving end gently; When load is heavy, raise electric machinery to carry voltage, ensure electric machinery moves normally. 6.

What protection function does soft starter have? (1) overload protects a function: Soft starter introduced voltaic operating ring, dog at any time consequently detect the metabolic state of electric machinery electric current. Through increasing overload voltaic set is mixed turn over time limit to control mode, realized overload to protect a function, make when electric machinery overload, brake is in charge of Guan Duanjing and issue alarm signal. (2) be short of photograph protection function: When the job, soft starter detects at any time the change of three-phase line electric current, once happen to flow, can make fall vacant photograph protect reaction. (3) overheat protects a function: Through soft starter interior hot relay detects the temperature of radiator of brilliant brake canal, once radiator temperature allows value hind to involve brilliant brake valve automatically more than, issue alarm signal. (4) other function: Pass the combination of electronic circuit, still can realize other in the system a variety of interlocking protection. 7.

What is soft does starting MCC control ark? MCC (MotorControlCenter) control ark, namely electromotor controls a center. Soft starting MCC controls ark to comprise by the following parts: (1) the breaker that inputs end, (2) soft starter (include an electron to control circuit and canal of three-phase brilliant brake) , (3) the bypass contactor of soft starter, (4) 2 times side dominates circuit (the hand that finish is moved start, remote control starts, soft start reach start directly the choice that waits for a function and move) , have voltage, electric current shows and breakdown, move, the indicator light such as working status shows. 8.

Why do some soft starter contain bypass contactor? Most soft starter is in charge of two side to bypass contactor touchs a head in brilliant brake, its advantage is: (1) control ark had two kinds of starting kind (start directly, soft start) . (2) soft starting end, bypass contactor closes, make soft starter is exited move, till jockey when, throw again, prolonged the life of soft starter namely so, make electrified wire netting prevented harmonic pollution again, the brilliant brake in still can reducing soft starter runs calorific loss. 9.

Does soft starting MCC control ark what to patulous function there is? soft starting MCC control ark tries to combine further, can realize a variety of compound functions. For example: two control ark imposes control logic, can comprise " use one equipment program " , the fire extinguishing system that is used at the building and gush drench the system such as pump, life pump. If deserve to go up PC (but program controller) , can realize fire pump to time (like half month) detect automatically, time and automatic shut; Add corresponding control logic, can reach each systems to run to whether be carried out normally to fire pump when detecting at ordinary times, time low speed is low hydraulic (do not give water) move; When put out a fire, carry out be fully loaded with carry to go amain. Add a certain number of stage electric machinery control to be combined logically, can comprise life pump system or other special system, by need quantity successive is opened every electric machinery, also but successive reduces electric machinery, realize optimal efficiency to move. Still can ask according to the client, electric machinery of implementation much stage is changed automatically every time move, make every electric machinery is in equal moving life period. 10.

What circumstance does soft starter apply to? In principle, basket model all sorts of application circumstances that asynchronous electromotor altogethers not to need timing applicably. Current applied range is communication 380V (also but 660V) , electric machinery power arrives from thousands of tile 800kW. Soft starter is special apply to all sorts of pump kind load or fan kind laden, need is soft start with soft the circumstance that jockey. Same laden to changing operating mode, electromotor is in light convey by vehicles for a long time to go, only short when or the instant is in burden circumstance, apply soft starter (do not take bypass contactor) have record energy-saving result gently. CNC Milling