Hill is new and high product T4

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Now, milling cutter of T4-12 square shoulder uses the bit of larger size, deepness of the biggest cutting is achieved 12.


5") , because this can be in rough machining and semifinishing machining application,implementation gives lubricious metallic excision to lead. Every razor blade has 4 point, conduce to reduce cutting tool cost; And tangential installation can realize best bit stability, and can install bolt conveniently. The arc point of bit can make sure flowing cutting is mixed reduce vibration. Cold passageway carries cooling fluid the cutting district of every razor blade directly inside, go to the lavatory to discharge bits and prolong cutting tool life. Milling cutter of T4-12 square shoulder is steel only use an occasion with cast-iron common milling and make, also can issue cutting to include the material of the difficult treatment such as alloy of stainless steel, titanium and heat-resisting alloy in proper cutting condition at the same time. The product is seen without exception.

Bigger cut deep excision of tall metal of implementation of 4 point razor blade leads   .

Bit is tangential installation ensures cutting is stabilized and reduce oscillatory   .

Operate convenient razor blade to install bolt   .

Series sees the performance that cold passageway optimizes bit inside without exception.

  of   of 25 Mm - 125 Mm (1" - 5") of cutting tool diameter.

Extensive bit material qualitative grade and chamfer   .

Normal pitch and   of close pitch model.

Radius of circular arc of point of a knife 0.

8 Mm - 3.

1 Mm (0.

031" - 0.

125")   hill is you high brought profit.

Taller productivity   .

Smoother treatment   .

Of improvement cut bits to shed   .

  of lower cutting tool cost.

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