Series of CBN razor blade / solution of much task machine tool

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Shanteweikekeleman rolls out series of CBN razor blade new CBN (cubic nitrogen changes boron) bit series. Machine and these razor blade are developed. Have new-style Safe-Lok (safety lock) CB7015 razor blade of the structure, in mix continuously slight and intermittent although the finish machining below the condition has high cutting rate, also can provide the performance that can forecast. Safe-Lok (safety lock) much role technology uses machinery to the lock decides CBN razor blade and make its are far from area of high temperature cutting, because this provided the intensity of structure of excel convention point of a knife and security. When the cutting chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, chamfer that retreat a knife and other profiling, bigger CBN cutting blade provided better function, brand-new CB7015 razor blade will process tall hardness data (58-65 HRc) what what need is high-powered be united in wedlock successfully together with dependability. Solution of much task machine tool falls in major case, invest the purpose of machine tool of equipment modernization much task, it is to the treatment that complex form work completes below clip can be installed in. But if do not have correct cutting tool, this one purpose cannot come true. Shanteweikekeleman, offerred nowadays can let you oneself build miniature of appropriative much task to turn the possibility of the tower. This can pass the program that the CoroTurn SL extension bar that will carry cutting head and the cutting knife plate that are used at turning and grooving working procedure join to come true. Get on installation of 4 cutting head at a knife handle, use at round cutting of inside and outside, can shorten not only the time that change a knife, return the space of library of OK and economic cutting tool. CoroTurn SL miniature turns tower extension bar has axial and radial to assemble two kinds of model. CNC Milling