Recrystallization glass is appropriative and poriferous emery wheel bond

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Strict noise is restricted and fuel efficiency raised taller requirement to component of jet aircraft motor. This that is to say needs more high-powered emery wheel. Want grinding this kind of material, must use poriferous emery wheel. Treatment turbine spare parts uses poriferous emery wheel now. The reason has 2: One, to old stuff excision is led, poriferous emery wheel has the better space that hold bit; 2, poriferous emery wheel can offer more cooling fluid to exert oneself of grinding contact each other, can decrease to chafe and assure inferior grinding consequently temperature and reduce burn. Poriferous emery wheel divides composition by 3: The abrasive, material that make hole and bond. 60% what the limiting value of aperture of past emery wheel can reach emery wheel total volume at most, and bond occupies 15%~20% , abrasive occupies 20%~25% only. Bond has been become in light of now raise emery wheel function and the limitative factor that reduce grinding burn risk further. Although bond is in,maintain appearance of emery wheel whole to go up indispensable, but in cutting it also can produce clash. Because how this is below the condition that makes sure emery wheel uses security, reduce the major challenge that bond dosage is pair of emery wheel manufacturer as far as possible. New-style bond is glass of recrystallization of hi-tech of a kind of artificial complex, it has very good duplicate sex, can make its dosage falls 10% the following, and bear bigger load. This can reduce bond dosage to reduce the risk of grinding burn not only, and because raised metallic cutting rate, conduce to reduce manufacturing cost, also can reduce the cost of diamond further at the same time. CNC Milling