Jiangxi 5 new products pass Jackie provincial detect

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If Jiangxi has a few to expand the business that numerical control equips energetically so like Jackie more, we also are met the new product that unfeignedly feels glad that   saves mechanical product quality to supervise total Xiong He by Jiangxi to root director group is comprised detects the group is opposite Jiangxi 5 new products such as the M1432 of limited company of outstanding gram machine tool all-purpose cylindrical grinder, detect the result makes clear, each function of 5 new products accords with a standard completely. Among them, m1432 all-purpose cylindrical grinder is a kind of structure simple, operation all-purpose cylindrical grinder with convenient, wide adaptability, use within grinding, outside cylindrical with conic workpiece, optimum sheet, small lot and the workshop that produce group by group are used. The main characteristic of M1332 cylindrical grinder is workpiece rotational, outside round emery wheel, oil pump and refrigeration part by drive of independent electric machinery. Machine tool workbench is fore-and-aft and mobile but by drive of hydraulic pressure stepless, also but by handwheel drive. Grinder of crankshaft of JK101 numerical control has enough tigidity, the shell is beautiful, the structure is compact, use reliable, the operation is simple, maintenance is convenient, it is Electromechanical unifinication product. MK11100A numerical control is inadvertently grinder is the special and inadvertently grinding machine that in the light of freeboard spare parts of main shaft of fast whipstitch machine has cutting is like grinding grinding. As we have learned, 5 products such as M1432 all-purpose cylindrical grinder are design of proper motion of outstanding gram machine tool, development, development, had passed those who visit expert set to detect. CNC Milling