Gear pump replaces analysis of technology of function of force plunger pump

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Because accept the structural restriction of the quantity that decide a platoon, think gear pump can make source of constant discharge hydraulic pressure use only normally. However, accessory sets program of a powerful person into whorl connection to raising its function, reduce systematic cost to reach raising systematic dependability is effective, consequently, approachable price holds the function of gear pump high, complex force plunger pump. Install control valve directly on pump for example, but between leave out pump and direction pipeline, controlled cost thereby. Less pipe fitting and join can reduce leak, raised working dependability thereby. And the circular pressure that pump itself installs a powerful person to be able to reduce return, improve its character of service. It is below a few can raise gear pump the loop of basic function, it is the basic loop with practice feasible proof a little among them, and some belong to innovation to consider. Uninstall loop to uninstall component to will be in large flow pump and union of small-power odd pump rise. The liquid exit from two pump eduction, arrive to book since pressure and (or) discharge. At this moment, large flow pump circulates discharge to the entrance from its exit, reduced this pump thereby the output discharge to the system, be about to the place that the power of magnetism decreases to work to part of high pressure of summary prep above requires a cost. The meanwhile of per cent be decided by that discharge reduces did not uninstall a quantity to hold the rate that always discharges an amount, combination or whorl connection uninstall a powerful person to decrease and even disappear is mixed besides pipeline, a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place complementary reach the leak with possible other. The simplest uninstall component by operate artificially. Bedspring makes uninstall a powerful person to put through or be shut, should operate to a powerful person when signal, of a powerful person it is good to open position by switch. Lever or other machinery orgnaization are to operate the simplest method of this kind of a powerful person. Guide accuse (pneumatic or hydraulic pressure) improve one kind uninstalling a powerful person is control type, because this is,a powerful person can undertake be controllinged remotely. Its greatest progress is to use electric or the electron involves pilot electromagnetism a powerful person, it can use long-range control not only, and automata of usable personal computer, think this is planted normally the optimal circumstance that uninstalling a technology simply is application. Operate artificially uninstall component commonly used be run quickly at needing large flow to be run quickly to reach and want large flow and the return that reduce flow for accurate control, for example fast and adjustable crane arm loop. The graph shows return 1 times uninstall without operate signal action (left) when, loop outputs large flow all the time. To normally open valve, below normal loop will output little flow. Pressure is passed feeling uninstalling is the most general program. If the graph is shown 2 times, bedspring action makes uninstall a powerful person to be in its large flow position (left) . When loop pressure achieves preliminary adjustments of overflow a powerful person to be worth, open of overflow a powerful person, uninstall a powerful person to issue switch to come with action below hydraulic pressure its are small flow position (right) . Pressure is passed feel uninstalling a powerful person basically is one achieves systematic pressure namely of discharge uninstall component automatically, use generally in log dissension and hydraulic pressure vice. Discharge is passed feeling uninstalling loop to uninstall a powerful person mediumly also is by bedspring general its press Xiang Daliu to estimate the place (left people) . Optimal speed place needs the secures size of reduce expenditure hole to press facility engine in this a powerful person discharge is affirmatory. If engine speed exceeds this optimal limits, criterion reduce expenditure alveolus is pressed fall will increase, will uninstall shift of a powerful person to come thereby little flow position (right) . Because this is big,the component make it of adjacent of discharge pump photograph can is opposite the dimension of reduce expenditure of the largest flow, reason this loop specific power consumption little, job is smooth and cost is inferior. The representative application of this kind of loop is, demarcate return flow amounts to optimal limits in order to improve the performance of whole system, or the loop pressure during travel of demarcate machine high speed. Commonly used at rubbish locomotive lorry. Pressure discharge is passed feeling uninstall loop uninstalling a powerful person also is by bedspring pressing Xiang Daliu estimates the place (left) , no matter achieve,book pressure or discharge, can uninstall. Equipment falls in idling or regular job rate all achievable high pressure works. This character reduced needless flow, reason reduced needs power. Because this kind of loop has wider load and speed span, reason is commonly used at digging equipment. Have the pressure with integrated power to pass feeling uninstall loop, it is passed by two groups of pressure that increase change slightly feeling uninstall pump composition, two groups of pump by drive of same prime mover, every magnetism is accepted another uninstall pump guide accuse to uninstall signal. This we passes what feeling way says to feel to be passed interactively, it can make a group of pump are in high-pressured come off work is made and work below large flow of another class pump. Two overflow a powerful person can press the pressure with every special loop to adjust, in order to make stage or two one pump are uninstalled. This plan reduced power demand, reason can use prime mover of cheap of small size price. Be shown pass for load feeling uninstall loop. When advocate the control a powerful person that charges a powerful person (next antrum) when sending feeling signal without load, a powerful person of all discharge classics of pump 1, a powerful person 2 oil sump tank; Should bring to bear on to this control a powerful person when load sends feeling signal, pump to return feed flow; When the pressure that exceeds load to send feeling a powerful person when the output pressure of pump books a value, pump provides working flow to loop only, and a powerful person of spare flow classics the reduce expenditure position of 2 (go up) bypass oil sump tank. The gear pump that takes load to infect feeling cell and photograph of force plunger pump are compared, have low cost, fight contaminative ability to be reached by force safeguard the good point with low demand. Preferential flow control no matter the rotate speed of pump, actuating pressure or the discharge size that spur track needs, be worth the discharge that flow control valve always can assure to facility work place needs surely. It is in this kind of return that the graph shows 7 times, the output discharge of pump must is more than or be equal to oil path place to need flow, 2 times discharge can make it use or oil sump tank. Be worth flow valve surely (proportioning valve) control and hydraulic pump union rise, leave out pipeline is eliminated outside leak, reason reduced cost. The representative application of loop of pump of this kind of gear is often arrive it is thus clear that on automobile crane turn to an orgnaization, its leave out a pump. The function that load conducts feeling flow control valve and the function that are worth flow control surely ten split phase are close: No matter the rotate speed of pump, actuating pressure or spur track are smoked,want discharge size namely, all provide flow. But what show plan, pass oily mouth to offer place to need flow to oil path only, till its are the biggest,adjust a value. The flow control loop that this loop can replace a standard and obtain discharge of the biggest output. Because of empty the pressure of loop under calm value flow control plan, reason loop temperature rise is low, empty power comsumption is small. Load passes feeling comparing to list flow control valve and flow control valve same, its representative application is power gets lost an orgnaization. Bypass flow control to bypass flow control, no matter the rotate speed of pump or actuating pressure discretion, pump always is pressed book maximum to systematic feed flow, spare part discharges the entrance of oil sump tank or pump. This plan limitted systematic flow, make its have optimum behavior. Its advantage is, will control through loop dimensions the biggest adjust flow, reduce cost; Compose pump and suite of a powerful person an organic whole, pass the bypass control of pump, make loop pressure falls to lowest, reduce pipeline and its leak from the face. Bypass flow control valve can work with demarcate discharge (working rate) of limits in conglomerate form load passes feeling control a powerful person to be designed together. The gear pump loop of this kind of type, commonly used in carrying lorry or motivation to change pump to loop with making engine amounts to the rubbish of optimal speed at restricting hydraulic pressure to operate, also can use at stationary machinery equipment. Doing a powerful person of type oil absorption to do a powerful person of type oil absorption is one our gas charges hydraulic pressure a powerful person, it is used at pump to enter oily reduce expenditure, when the hydraulic pressure sky of equipment carries, make dinky discharge passes pump only; And when having load, total flow is inspiratory pump. If the graph is shown 10 times, this kind of loop but the clutch between leave out pump and prime mover, reduced cost thereby, still decreased to carry power comsumption for nothing, because pass the dinky discharge of loop,retained the prime mover power of equipment. Additional, still reduced pump the noise when carrying for nothing. Loop of a powerful person of dry type oil absorption can be used at by system of hydraulic pressure of type of the switch in any car of internal-combustion engine drive, for example rubbish backfill lorry and industrial equipment. The choice of hydraulic pump plan is current, the actuating pressure of gear pump already was close to force plunger pump, assorted load passed feeling plan to offer variable possibility for gear pump, this means gear original and clear dividing line becomes more and more ambiguous between pump and force plunger pump. One of payoff of plan of logical choice hydraulic pump, it is the cost of whole system, the photograph of force plunger pump that holds high with valence is compared, gear pump with its cost inferior, loop is simple, filter the demand is low characteristic, make the option plan with a lot of application practical circumstances. CNC Milling