Accurate inject shapes technology and requirement

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As the development of IT and automata technology, the demand that the market notes model machine to nicety is higher and higher, demand also is in mushroom. However China starts in respect of accurate inject technology late, only the research that a few big companies pursue this respect. Among them Guangdong benefit machine limited company accumulated 10 old experience, thrust is moving Chinese nicety inject to shape technical development. The concept that accurate inject shapes and general to noting the demand of model machine nicety note model machine to have two index: The repetition that is product measure error, another repetition that is goods weight error, former because dimension size and goods thickness are different,compare hard. And the integrated level that latter represented the opportunity that note model, general and common the weight of the machine that note model repeats an error to be in 1% the left and right sides, better machine can be achieved 0.

8% , under 0.

5% for accurate machine, be less than 0.

3% to exceed accurate opportunity. According to relevant data report, top level is international be less than 0.

15% . 2004 on exposition of machine of model of German division heart, company of German elegant treasure announces its are the most new-style weight of the machine that note model repeats precision to be able to be achieved 0.

07% . The accurate confidential that note model begs product measure precision to be in commonly 0.


001mm less than, a lot of nicety note model to still ask the machines and tools that note model has high inject pressure, high inject rate; The requirement adds up to modular system to have enough big tigidity and lock model precision, the alleged precision that lock up a model is to show the uniformity of force combining a model, adjustable, stability and repeatability are tall, open precision of position combining a model tall; The requirement is right pressure, discharge, temperature, metric wait to be able to be controlled arrive accurately corresponding precision, use multistage or stepless injection, assure to shape the repetition of the emersion condition of craft and goods precision. The specific requirement that records model machine to nicety includes: 1.

25MPa of inject pressure ≥ ; 2.

Note firing rate to spend ≥ 300mm/s; 3.

Product measure precision 0.

001mm; 4.

Coefficient of product quality standard deviation (change is led) ≤ 0.

1% ; 5.

Leave, precision of position combining a model: Open ≤ 0.

03mm adds up to ≤ 0.

01; 6.

Inject position precision (protect pressure end a point) ≤ 0.

03mm; 7.

Pull rod gets power balanced spend ≤ 1% ; 8.

Beforehand ≤ of model position precision 0.

03mm; 9.

Calm, movable mould board spends A evenly: The force that lock up a model is zero hour ≤ 0.

03mmB: The force that lock up a model is the biggest when ≤ 0.

005mm; 10.

Machine canister, screw is lukewarm accuse precision ≤ ± 0.

5 ℃ . Accurate inject shapes force of model of lock of stress research content shapes in accurate inject in the process, need very high inject pressure commonly (> 250MPa) , shape very hard otherwise. But, those who need an attention is, the over all dimension of the accurate goods that note model, ply is usually smaller, be not all goods to ask to locking up modular force so very tall. Conversely, power of the model that be like a lock is too great, or get power quadrilateral not all, or the force that lock up a model is flabby choose a site for the capital can make mould press press is out of shape abhorrent and inhomogenous, affect product finally shape quality. The accurate goods that note model shapes craft requirement adjusts the force that lock up a model well and truly, overcome ancon lever type, electric to note model machine to lock up modular component to affect connecting rod as a result of production precision to suffer force to reach component getting power to suffer force for long to be out of shape the difference that waits for a reason to cause length dimension and wait because of change of room temperature, mould temperature cause the strength that lock up a model flabby those who decide is congenital, so, how developing full-hydraulic to lock up the good point with modular structure high precision is nicety notes a when model machine will study inside period of time henceforth main task. Model changes the uniformity that plastic model changes quality to affect model not only shape quality, still can affect melt plastic the size of force of suffocate suffocate of the place when passing runner. To get even model changes a design appropriative screw is mixed use appropriative adds model skill indispensable. Additional, the temperature of machine canister also should be controlled accurately, temperature of canister of screw, machine uses PID to control more now (scale, differential, integral) , precision is controallable in ± 0.

1 ℃ of ± of 5 ℃ ~ , can satisfy nicety basically to note the demand of model. If use FUZZY to control a method, more agree with nicety notes model. Metric precision should make plastic products maintains taller stability, every time the hot frit of infuse model antrum is plastic must equal, that is to say every time the restoration precision of the screw when feed in raw material asks to agree. But in fact the position when screw restoration is impossible to agree completely, the diameter of screw is bigger, the system is inertial can jump over big, positional precision jumps over difficult control. Answer to control the restoration precision of screw in 0 commonly.

3mm less than, best can control in 0.

2mm less than. Speed of inject speed inject is a when precision records model machine main index, because hot melt is plastic from begin infuse model antrum to arrive between the fill that finish have a paragraph of equation of time. In this paragraph of time, hot melt is plastic begin to cool namely, to make the material inside runner place and mould antrum cools equably, should take high speed injection. Want to raise inject rate, must configure or a few accumulator that can release energy quickly in order to shorten time difference. Rate of will former inject rises 3 times above, achieve 300~800mm/s, this notes model to nicety very advantageous. Inject pressure nicety notes model to need greater inject pressure, in order to increase model packing, reduce systole to be out of shape, assure to make a precision. But, be not inject pressure to had been jumped over greatly more, pressure crosses congress to produce flash. In first-rate inject pressure falls, change of inject cycle time should not exceed 0.

05 seconds. Protect pressure protect press pair of accurate model the influence is great, say well and truly, protect press can better land to fill shrink, reduce model be out of shape, control model precision. The stability of dwell pressure decided model shape precision, the stop bit buy of screw is changeless it is to decide to protect the payoff that presses the effect. Mould temperature notes model to nicety for, the temperature change of modular antrum surface should be controlled it is in 1 ℃ of ± , this must use PID control. But to exceeding nicety to note model character, this is far insufficient, more advanced method is to use FUZZF control, blur namely control. The market demand that domestic nicety notes model machine is current, china produces per year the machine that note model many 40 thousand, production value many yuan 60, the entrance records model machine 1.

Many 50 thousand, amount exceeds 1 billion dollar. Import the machine that note model among them 60% record model machine for nicety, occupy Chinese nicety to note model machine market 98.

5% , domestic company produces occupy only 1.

5% , among them Guangdong benefit machine limited company is occupied 1% , case of horse of heart of Zhejiang sea day and domestic other enterprise are occupied 0.

5% . Benefit " G " series nicety forming machine, major uses at the accurate product such as CD, horological gear shape type of machine bore with a reamer is produced with introducing since China is long-term (ancon lever type) the machine that note model is given priority to; And complete electric also is in only be modelled on level, so hundreds of machine of countrywide that note model produce the ancon lever type of all of one suit to record model machine almost; Full-hydraulic is blank almost, only nicety of development of a few big companies records model machine, but still be in imitated mapping phase, and other small and medium sized business is in blank condition almost. Guangdong benefit machine limited company won Europe, beautiful, day 1994 technology of multilateral invention patent, via more than 10 years industrialization is carried out, already became a whole world to produce 4 crocks 2 board full-hydraulic notes model machine dimensions the manufacturer with the biggest, the wholest set. Benefit records model machine at developing digital CD successfully 2003, it is one of companies that global minority can produce congener product a few times. Guangdong benefit machine limited company is in China nicety of the earliest research and development records model machine, it began to invent forming machine of inject of double movable mould 1988, obtained the 7 countries such as medium, heart, meaning, beautiful, day to invent patent, 2003 development succeeded forming machine of inject of D-50 number CD. Well-known, CD product line is a lot of most advanced high-tech is compositive, guangdong the enterprise inside interest firm U.N. relies on oneself force, note machine of the model machine, mould, machine that splash plating, manipulator, gelatinize to wait through be opposite undertake tackling key problem, full development is successful. This also is rare in the world, among them CD records model machine is nicety or the representative product that exceed nicety, it has 3 characteristics: One of, need of little information groove exceeds the surface accurate inject shapes; Secondly, transparent product quality asks to be crossed extremely high at laser with benefit; Thirdly, splitting manufacturing rhythm, every model 3.

8S less than, should finish include to cool (2S) reach manipulator and a lot of pneumatic movements. Now, country and the area such as the only Germany that can produce CD record model machine inside global limits, Austria, Japan, Switzerland are close 10 manufacturer, in the Asia criterion besides Japan, only an interest firm can be produced. The CD course that benefit notes model machine to produce detects, had achieved requirement of white paper of flying benefit riverside and German K.

M company level, realized China to record model machine from common model Xiang Chao nicety historic span. CNC Milling